Ways to Deal with Garage Door Dents

Ways to Deal with Garage Door Dents

Garages are useful places to park your car in order to ensure its safety. Some of these areas are small while others are really spacious where other stuffs can be stored as well. Made of wood or metal, garage doors are perhaps the most important part of this parking area as they intended to protect your belonging from unsafe elements. There are many types of garage doors available out there such as springs, openers, rollers, and so on. Depending on your requirements and available space, you can use single or double paneled doors for your garage.

Garage doors that are made up from steel and aluminum tend to be light and can be lifted without difficulty. For this reason, they are more prone to get dents easily. These dents not only cause the door to look unsightly but also weaken it badly. Depending on the condition, door dents are possible to be fixed by yourself or need a professional help especially if the process entails a single panel replacement.

Insulated garage doors are made of metal and work best to improve energy efficiency. They are also good to protect the door against being out of the shape. Fiberglass and wooden garage doors, on the other hand, need a bit of maintenance and so, most of the homemakers prefer having aluminum or steel made doors for their garage. Even though, a garage door made of 24-28 gauge steel is a sturdy product, it is still prone to get front bumper knocks and dents because of kids’ balls or other accidents.

Despite all these damages, replacement is not the only option to pursue. Small dents are possible to fix on do-it-yourself basis; even average-sized dents can also be bent back into place with necessary fixes. But, if it has a large dent, you may need to replace the entire panel. Large problems, however, need you to use caution in order to avoid making the issue worse. As per an expert from legmanusagaragedoor.com, lack of knowledge or caution-less fixing can cause the door to bend a section, making it out of shape or hamper the opening and closing of the door. In such case, you will need to hire a professional garage door repair service. Depending on the extent of damage, they will either do necessary repairing to panel the door or replace a single door.

Normally, dents are filled in with a specialty-filler and then rubbed until become even with the whole surface. Some dents are also removed through rapid heating and cooling the affected area. Another method of dent removal is done with physical force or brute wherein the specialist places a block of wood over the dent to protect the door and taps over the affected area using a hammer. Since this process involves determining necessary amount of force until the dent appears becoming flushed, it requires lots of care to be taken. Such types of repair may also need your doors re-painted in order to hide the ugly patchwork.

Although many repairs may appear to be simple processes, it is always best to get it done with the help of professionals for your safety. If your doors are troubling or have other technical problems, call experts from garage door repair Purcellville VA to get all garage door fixes done safely and properly.


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