Top 8 Features of Online Invoicing Software

Top 8 Features of Online Invoicing Software
There was a time when businesses had to prepare invoices manually and mail them to customers. Not only did it mean spending a lot of time making the invoices, but also used up resources like paper and envelopes. Technological innovations have provided us with alternatives to lots of manual tasks and invoicing is one of them. These days, businesses have the option of using an online invoicing software for creating invoices online in half the time it would take to make manual invoices and there is no wastage of resources involved. It is easy to find a comprehensive online invoicing software and it can perform the following functions in a streamlined way:

1- There are a number of tasks that can be automated with online invoicing software. It eliminates the need of having to enter the information of the company manually every time you make an invoice as most of the work is done by the software itself.

2- With the invoicing software, you don’t have to worry about posting an invoice. You can simply send it via email with just one click and your work is done.

3- The online invoicing software can be extremely useful when you wish to save time. Not only is there no need to post invoices, but you can also save your customer information online. Thus, the information doesn’t have to be entered over and over again when you are making an invoice for the same customer.

4- Managing and tracking invoices becomes much simpler with online invoicing software because you will be able to see the invoices that have been sent, ones that are pending and even those that are due and late.

5- One of the greatest features that online invoicing software can offer you is safety and security. Special encryption technology is used, which is quite similar to that used in online banking, and backup is also provided. There is very little risk of any sensitive data being compromised or lost as backup is also offered.

6- You have a wide variety of templates to choose from once you get an online invoicing software. For instance, if you are in the construction business, you will be able to get free construction invoice template and you just have to add your company logo and details into the system. A personalized invoice will be ready for you to use for billing your clients.

7- Paperless invoicing is great for sending out invoices faster than manual invoicing, which means you can also get paid quicker and reduce the possibility of a customer not paying. In addition, it is also more environment-friendly as less trees have to be cut down to make paper.

8- The software can also be immensely handy for sending out reminders to customers when they have not paid by the due date. You can schedule automatic reminders and they will be sent out and ensure you receive your payment.
Thus, management is streamlined and more efficient with online invoicing software.

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