Amazon FBA Sourcing Service: Everything you Need to Know

Amazon FBA Sourcing Service: Everything you Need to Know

A number of sellers on Amazon, both from the US and other countries, depend on Chinese manufacturing for their products. But, not all manufacturers are the same and you can get an edge over your competition if you have a great supplier. This is one of the top reasons why more and more sellers are becoming aware of the importance of using an Amazon FBA sourcing service. The purpose of these services is to assist overseas companies in importing from China. They start with identifying products, getting samples, obtaining quotes, negotiating prices, dealing with inspections and eventually handling the logistics.

These sourcing services take on the responsibility of doing all the searching to ensure they can find the best possible product at the best possible price. There are numerous benefits of using an Amazon FBA sourcing service, which include:

Time Saving

It can be very time consuming to deal with Chinese suppliers, especially when you have different time zones. Using a good sourcing service is handy because they assist you in every step of the process, aid you in keeping track of your progress, keep you informed and thus, avoid any delays. Placing orders with someone halfway around the world is time consuming and could lead to miscommunication, but sourcing services take on these responsibilities, leaving you free to focus on other aspects of your business like sales and marketing.

Better Pricing

Almost 90% of the suppliers you meet at trade fairs or online are mostly trading companies and they charge higher prices. When you hire a professional Amazon FBA sourcing service, you get access to local sourcing specialists who are familiar with the local area as well as the suppliers. Therefore, they are in a better position to get you competitive prices directly from the factories. Obtaining competitive prices is essential in today’s market where there are lots of rivals to deal with. Leelinesourcing has some interesting details in this regard.

Quality Control

Another perk of using an Amazon FBA service is that you can verify your suppliers. When you are in a different country, suppliers can often take advantage and exploit you. But, with a sourcing service, you can eliminate this possibility as they can send people to visit the factories personally. They also conduct inspections before the products are made and also when the products are ready to be shipped. This ensure that you don’t get any faulty or defective items and can bring down customer complaints in the long run.

However, you should remember that these benefits will only arise when you find a reliable FBA sourcing service. There are some untrustworthy services that charge hidden commissions and don’t disclose supplier information, which can cause problems. But, if you are thorough, you can find a professional sourcing service. This requires you to do some research and look for services that have expertise in your industry. They should also have knowledge of your products to be able to find the right supplier. Also, they should be fluent in Chinese and native languages as well as English to ensure effective communication.

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