Best Vinyl Cutters That You Should Consider Buying

Best Vinyl Cutters That You Should Consider Buying

Did you know you can design your own decals and vinyls at home with the help of a vinyl cutter? Once you have this amazing machine, the possibilities are endless. You can use the cutter to cut decals for your windows, stickers for your accessories, and much more. However, it can get quite difficult to pick one when you have so many available on the market today. Here are the three vinyl cutters that qualify as some of the best ones. Pick the one you think meets your needs the best and be an artist.

The Best Vinyl Cutter

Silhouette Cameo

If you are someone who is getting started with vinyl cutting, this might be the perfect pick for you. It is quite a basic kit but a perfect way for someone to step into the world of vinyl cutting. With this machine, you can cut your vinyls to a depth of 1mm. That’s not the best depth of cutting but a perfect start for newcomers. The mat that you can use on this cutter can be 12 x 12 (inch) in size. What makes it the best vinyl cutter is that it is compatible with Windows computers and Macs as well. You can print your artworks using a computer or a USB flash drive. You can use it not only for cutting but sketching as well.

Cricut Explore Air

This is yet another impressive machine that definitely qualifies as the best vinyl cutter for its amazing features. It allows you to work as fast as you want, thanks to the two cartridges on it. The two cartridges also make it a multi-tasking machine i.e. you can cut your artwork and fill colors in it at the same time. You can easily cut out vinyls that are up to 11.5×23.5 in size. What you will love about this cutter is that it works with not only vinyl but many other materials as well. If you are bored of cutting vinyl, you can go with leather and vellum or more than 50 other materials as well.

Cricut Explore Air 2

Once again, you will love this machine because it gives you the liberty to work with many materials including vinyl, fabric, leather, paper stock, etc. Just like the Explore Air, this iteration of the cutter comes with multi-tasking capabilities too. While the previous version of this vinyl cutter supported 60 different materials, what makes this one the best vinyl cutter is that it can cut up to 100 materials. If you don’t like to deal with cables, you don’t have to because this cutter also has Bluetooth compatibility. This one is fast, multi-tasking, and allows you to cut your designs on the go on your smartphones and tablets.

Final Thoughts

You should notice here that these vinyl cutters are suited for new users and for a home setting. You can always shop around more if you are looking for a unit for your office or heavy production usage. The options given above are quite affordable, compact, and perfectly suitable for medium use in the house. Customer ratings are a proof that these are some of the best vinyl cutters you can find today.

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