How To Reduce Back Pain Amongst Your Cashiers

How To Reduce Back Pain Amongst Your Cashiers

Work-related back pain is one of the main causes of missed days and disability amongst employees in the US.

While some labour intensive jobs such as construction work and lifting are singled out for causing back pain, other jobs that require being stationary for prolonged periods of time can also cause as many issues. One of the job roles that suffer from regular back pain is that of the cashier.

The work of the cashier requires him (or her) to stand or sit for long periods, move and lift items, and twist the body. Each of these movements cause strain to the ligaments, muscles and joints of the back, which can cause back pain. So, how can you help your cashier to prevent this condition or recover from it?

Practice Proper Ergonomics

Design an ergonomic workstation for your cashiers. Design the workstations with the needs of the cashier in mind.

Make sure the design limits the need to twist the body to reach some items. You might think that the reaching and twisting motion isn’t so much vital to the back, but performing these activities over and over throughout the day leads to cumulative stress on the back, which leads to back pain.

Make sure the chair in use in the cashier’s office helps to support his back during any task. The chair should provide lumbar support and be adjustable to allow the cashier to vary the positions of the body with ease.

The table should be placed in line with the body. The computer screen should be placed at eye level to prevent straining. If the workstation table is at a high level, get a keyboard tray fixed at the recommended height.

Offer Training on Proper Posture and Exercise

The informational website, My Spine Hurts says that proper posture is an essential component for preventing back pain.

It might save you a lot of headache and future resources if you offer training regarding the need for proper workplace posture and exercise. Get a physiotherapist to come in once in a while to enlighten your employees about how to adopt the right posture. The expert can then go ahead to educate your employees on simple exercises they can do to correct poor posture.

Give Them Breaks

Working as a cashier can be demanding & intense – Many cashiers forget that they need a rest, which makes them develop muscular stiffness & back pain due to prolonged stress on their back muscles. Come up with a schedule to encourage your cashiers to take regular breaks. 5 minutes every hour is recommended.

Promote Safer Lifting

Teach your cashiers about safe lifting procedures. Let them try and maintain the load nearer to the waist, keeping the back straightened out during the execution. The cashier should avoid twisting or leaning forward when lifting the item.


The roles of cashiers puts them amongst those at primary risk of back pain in the workplace. Long periods of time in a static position puts them at risk of experiencing these conditions.

One of the major causes of back pain among this group of workers is prolonged sitting at their desks. Make sure to design ergonomic workstations that provide support to the back at all times. Additionally, promote proper posture and encourage your employees to perform regular exercises to correct any incidences of poor posture.

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