5 Tips On Choosing The Right Commercial Facilities Management Company

Choosing The Right Commercial Facilities Management Company

Getting the right commercial facilities management company to take care of your office is critical if you want to keep the place clean at all times. The company should not only be able to deliver expected cleaning results, they must also be trustworthy enough to ensure that their workers don’t end up damaging the property or steal from the office while you are not watching. Below is a checklist of 5 things you should look for when hiring a commercial facilities management company.

Look At The Proposal

Want to know how professional the cleaning company is? Check their proposal. A truly professional facilities management company will list out their offerings in detail, stating what services they provide, whether it be cleaning the floors, HVAC equipment, toilets etc. They will also detail the costs of each service, without any hidden charges. The more detailed and thorough the proposal is, the more you can be sure that they are true professionals who take pride in providing the highest quality service.

Check The Reviews

Ask the company for client references. Contact the references and inquire whether the company provided quality service and if they were good at honoring their schedules, careful with the office property etc. Another way to check whether the commercial facilities management company is able to meet their client’s requirements is to look for online reviews. You can also email the reviewer if you have any further questions.

Quality Of The Staff

Check whether their staff is well trained in the proper ways of maintaining office and other property. They must be ready and willing to tend to any request you may have. You must also confirm with the company that their workers have all been properly checked and vetted to ensure that there is no one with any previous criminal, drug abuse or other such backgrounds. It is better to avoid companies with workers who have not been properly screened.

Latest Equipment

The company should ideally be using the latest cleaning equipment. This has two benefits. Firstly, latest equipment generally have lower operating cost than old ones. As such, this benefit may be transferred to you in the form of lower charges. Another advantage is that by using the latest equipment, the company is essentially showing you that they are up to date with latest cleaning techniques. This will ensure that your office is cleaned in the best possible way.

Emergency Servicing

Finally, ask the company whether they do provide emergency servicing. Some facilities management companies may only work based on predetermined schedules, and may not be in a position to attend to your emergency requests. If so, it may be better to avoid hiring them. Instead, look for companies who can service you when you are in an emergency.

Keep the above points in mind, and you should have no problem with sorting through the numerous proposals and identifying the commercial facilities management company whom you can rely on to deliver quality results.

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