Questions to Ask Yourself When Considering Home-Based Jobs


Questions to Ask Yourself When Considering Home-Based Jobs
Working from home has a certain appeal, especially when you are starting a second-career or quitting your day job because you don’t want to deal with the commute. There are a number of reasons why home-based jobs have become popular, but they are not for everyone. Before you make the huge decision to start working from home, you need to ask yourself some important career questions and make your choice based upon the answers. It may turn out that home-based jobs are not able to meet your career expectations or requirements and you may end up regretting your decision. Therefore, it is best to be smart from the beginning.

What questions do you need to ask? Here are the most important ones

Question 1: Is the job secure?

Office jobs are typically secure because you sign a contract with the company. In addition, you can expect severance pay if you do have to leave. But, some of these rules don’t apply to home-based jobs. Even if you make a verbal or written agreement, there is a possibility it cannot be enforced. Also, you don’t know the future prospects of the job i.e. whether it will be ongoing or may no longer be available in some time. You need to do your research and find a job with good prospects in the long run.

Question 2: Will there be a pay raise?

When you are working at offices, you are aware of exactly when you will get a bonus or salary increase. Usually, this happens on a yearly basis or when you get a promotion. As far as home-based jobs are concerned, this remains uncertain. Some employers may offer an increase in salary and others may not. If you don’t get an increase, it would be a major loss as you will be taking pay cuts because of inflation.

Question 3: Do you get any benefits?

A regular job tends to offer a variety of benefits to its employees such as paid absences, medical benefits, fuel costs etc. By their nature, home-based jobs don’t include any benefits because people are working from home. Nonetheless, there are some that might offer you benefits like internet access, healthcare, paid leaves etc. and you have to ask about it. If you don’t get any, you have to decide whether you can pay for these benefits yourself before going for a home-based job.

Question 4: Can you work independently?

When you work from home, you will be doing this alone, which means there will be no supervision or assistance whatsoever. Do you think you have the ability and confidence to work without supervision or help from coworkers’ day in and day out? This is something you have to decide for yourself. If you are team player, doing so may not be a viable option for you in the long term.

Question 5: Can you motivate yourself to work?

When you opt for a home-based job, you will no longer be part of an office environment. There will no longer be the camaraderie with fellow workers and no healthy competition that can often be strong motivators. Do you think you can work well without these elements? Some people believe they do, but it turns out to be a big mistake when they find themselves lazing around most of the day wasting their time. Your productivity levels may be affected and this may not turn out to be a good thing for you.

These are the top five questions relating to your career that you need to ask. Use the answers to decide if home-based jobs are worth it for you.

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