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Twitter Earnings Disappoint Investors

While attracting new users has been a major challenge for Twitter, there has been one bright

Sony Introduces PlayStation Flow and Closes Home

A new line of products has been introduced by Sony Computer Entertainment Europe in the form

Microsoft’s Surface Tablet is a Total Surprise

A new entry level device has been introduced by Microsoft Corp for refreshing its tablet lineup;

Impact of Social Media on Small Businesses in 2015

In the past year, there was constant fluctuation in the landscape of social media marketing. However,

Top PS4 and Xbox One Games you Should Own

Like every other type of entertainment, video games also offer a subjective experience to gamers. While

Sprint in Talks with Tidal

Sprint is thinking of making an investment in Jay Z’s Tidal music streaming service, which has

Fortunes of Samsung Execs Defy Profit Slump

Last year, the mobile division of Samsung Electronics suffered from a slump and the main profit

AT&T Charging Higher than Competitors in Google’s Backyard

This week Google’s backyard saw a new entrant; AT&T’s high-speed broadband service, the only difference being

Morgan Stanley’s Chief Financial Officer Hired by Google

Ruth Porat, Morgan Stanley’s Chief Financial Officer, will be leaving her post at the Wall Street firm

PlayStation 4 to See a Huge Update

Sony is trying to make its latest generation console, the PlayStation 4, dramatically better with the