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Amazon Reaches $1000 a Share

In its 20-year history of being a publicly traded company, saw its share price briefly

US Court Struggles with Samsung-Apple Patent Dispute

On Tuesday, the U.S. Supreme Court was left struggling due to the big-money, fierce Samsung-Apple patent

Yahoo Bids to be Lower than Expected

People familiar with the matter have reported that Verizon Communications Inc. and other suitors are expected

Google Education Service Involved in Privacy Issues

On Tuesday, the Federal Trade Commission received a request from a digital rights watchdog to investigate

Amazon Introduces ‘Pantry’ Offer for UK Supermarkets

Online retailer, Amazon, Inc. has decided to turn the pressure on Britain’s traditional supermarkets up a

IPO Plans Disclosed by Payment Startup Square

Jack Dorsey’s schedule is going to get even busier. On Wednesday, the mobile payment startup Square,

Alibaba Attempting to Soothe Shareholders

After China’s economic woes, its slow growth in revenue and other issues promoted investors to dump

Google Attempts to Give a Human Element to its Cars

The self-driving cars designed by Google Inc. had been programmed to comply with the rules of

Apple Suppliers Hoping to Tap Into 3D Touch

If the new touch technology that was introduced in the new Apple iPhones is a hit

FTC Charges Settled by Machinima

Known for making online videos regarding games, Machinima agreed to settle FTC charges that it hadn’t