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Facebook Gets Serious about Video Earnings

Users of Facebook watch four billion videos on a daily basis when they use the social

Google’s Appeal for Oracle Suit Denied by Supreme Court

On Monday, the Supreme Court denied an appeal made by Google Inc. for stopping a billion

Apple Loses Anti-Competitive Practice Case

The iPhone maker has lost a Taiwanese lawsuit in which it had been accused of following

Tech Industry Appeals to President to Avoid Encryption

Photo courtesy: Barack Obama The Obama Administration is being warned by top US tech companies against

Facebook Goes to Court Amidst Data Center Planning

Legal action has been initiated against Facebook by a Belgian privacy watchdog, which has accused the

Apple Makes Upgrades and Launches at WWDC 2015

With the popularity of streaming music services such as Spotify and Pandora, iTunes had become rather

Who Would You Like to Get Your DNA in Cloud; Amazon or Google?

Amazon Inc. is racing against Google Inc. for storing data on human DNA and is after

Dish Network May Merge With T-Mobile

According to a report by the Wall Street Journal, Dish Network Corp and T-Mobile US Inc.

French Court Delivers a Blow to Uber

On Friday, the highest administrative court of France approved two of the three main restrictions on

Amazon Changes Europe Tax Practices Amidst Investigations

Europe has just scored in its ongoing battle with American technology companies. Amazon has announced that