Call me Caitlyn: Not all Jenner Children are on Board

Call me Caitlyn: Not all Jenner Children are on Board

Generally, the reaction of the Jenner children to their father’s transition to Caitlyn was positive, but that doesn’t mean that they are all in agreement with Bruce Jenner’s docuseries about this new and huge change. In an interview with Vanity Fair, Jenner’s son said that he was proud, but it was still not amusing when the breast implant surgery was revealed. The article said that Brandon had been taken aback when Caitlyn had shown him her breasts. Likewise, the reality star’s daughter, Cassandra said that she didn’t want a distant father; she would have been happy with a loving mom.

The same sentiments were echoed by Burt, Jenner’s oldest son, who said he hoped Caitlyn would turn out to be a better person than Bruce. The Jenner children had been aware of the struggles the gold-medal winner had been facing before they were made aware in one-on-one sit downs. Their mother told Burt and Cassandra about the problems when they were 13 and 11 respectively. Meanwhile, Brandon had been able to figure it out himself without his parents having to tell him.

This was because for a short time in the 80s, Jenner had been undergoing some physical changes that were rather obvious. He had begun hormone therapy, which had eventually stopped. A reality star himself, Brody had been told by his mother at the age of 29. While the Olympian’s decision is supported by the children, they still refuse to be a part of E!’s docuseries about the transition even though the show’s producers and Jenner has made repeated entreaties. The Kardashian children the youngest daughters from the same mom i.e. Kris Jenner have agreed to appear on the docuseries.

Kendall, Kim and Khloe also tweeted in support after the cover of Vanity Fear was revealed on Monday bearing the cover line Call me Caitlyn. Brandon stated that the decision of the Jenner children of not participating in the show had more to do with their problems with the production company called Bunim/Murray and the fact that most of the people working on this series are also a part of ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians’. However, Jenner said that the aim of the show was to help people and it wasn’t just another reality show.

Despite the fact that they disagree about the series, Cassandra said that her relationship with Jenner had improved. She said they got along better than ever.

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