Game of Thrones Season 7 Finale: Theories and Predictions

Game of Thrones Season 7 Finale: Theories and Predictions

The seventh season of Game of Thrones has been subjected to numerous hacks and leaks since it began in July. This Sunday, the 27th August, HBO will air the show’s final episode of the seventh season and there is no denying that it will end on an explosive note. The HBO juggernaut is one of the most popular shows on television as it boasts a lot of drama and adventure and nothing, not even the threat of hackers, can bring down its sheer awesomeness. The last episode of the 7th season is titled The Dragon and the Wolf and will be the longest episode of the entire series as it will be about 79 minutes and 43 seconds long.

The penultimate episode was packed with action as the timeline continues to move at a rapid pace. So far, the body count this season has been low as compared to the previous seasons and it is expected to rise in the final episode. It is expected that the showrunners will try to incorporate another game-changer in the series as there are only six episodes to go after this. Due to the script leaks and spoilers, there are plenty of theories flying around for the seventh episode and some of the popular predictions are discussed here.

The preview of the final episode is out and it seems that viewers are going to go on a roller-coaster of emotion as there is a huge family reunion happening. Tyrion and Theon’s faction of the Greyjoy fleet arrive at Casterly Rock to rescue the Unsullied and Greyworm from where they march to the gates of King’s Landing along with the Dothraki. Jamie and Bronn are looking at the perfect military of the Unsullied as well as the kill-for-fun Dothraki and they seem quite intimidated as does the Kingsguard.

Winter is getting harsher in the North and Sansa seems to be in a brooding mood. It remains to be seen whether she will take out Jon and Arya or will she turn her back on Littlefinger. Then, we see Theon falling on the ground looking dejected, which could only mean that he has failed yet again to rescue his sister from his uncle Euron. Cersei can be seen wearing warmer clothes, which means Winter is also coming to King’s Landing. They are gathering at the Dragon Pit as it is the only place large enough to accommodate everyone. Tyrion and Jon Snow arrive with a couple of Dothrakis and some other people including Davos, Jorah, Brienne and Podrick.

Brienne is attending the meeting at Sansa’s behest. Podrick is also going to reunite with his old master, Tyrion, but the question is what will Brienne tell Jon? Will she tell him how Sansa is handling matters? The relationship between the reunited Stark siblings may just become strained if she does. Plus, she is also going to meet Jamie once again and that’s something to look forward to as Brienne has succeeded in fulfilling her oath to Catelyn Stark and she will want to tell the Kingslayer that.

Another interesting element is the reunion of Cersei, Jaime and Tyrion. It has been a long while since they have been together and neither looks happy about the reunion. Tyrion is particularly ready to get into Cersei’s face if she tries to pull something. Yet, it is only Jon Snow who speaks and he is doing what he always does; giving a dire warning about the army of the dead. There is also the possibility of Clegane-bowl as the Hound and the Mountain will also come face to face with each other in this episode. The former despises the latter as he has stated several times and there is a chance that the two brothers will engage in a fight.

There is one major character that’s missing from the trailer and that’s Daenerys Targaryen. We don’t see even a tiny glimpse of her in the trailer, but it has been predicted that she will make an entrance on her dragon. Jon has also brought back a wight with him to the meeting and they will demonstrate to Cersei and the others what these creatures are capable of. The purpose is to ask Cersei to join her forces with theirs in order to fight the Night King.

It remains unclear as to what repercussions will be seen after the events of the last episode. The Night King has resurrected Viserion and will use him as his mount, but Dany and friends are still unaware of this development and will definitely be taken by surprise. In addition, Sam is also on his way back to the North. According to spoilers, Sam will meet Bran and together the two of them are going to figure out Jon’s parentage. They will come to know that Jon is the son of Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark.

Some people have assumed that the tile of the seventh episode refers to Dany and Jon, but in fact, it could be referring to Jon’s parentage. Rumors claim that the episode will feature a flashback to the wedding of Rhaegar and Lyanna as they have already made a reference to it in a previous episode. However, they will not be able to inform Jon of the truth in this episode and will only disclose it in the eighth season.

As far as Bran is concerned, his role has remained unclear so far, but there are theories that he is actually the Night King. It is said that much like he did with Wyllis, Bran went back in time to try and stop the dead from rising. First, he drove Aerys mad by whispering to him and when that didn’t work, he went farther back to stop the Night King from being made. However, he failed and has now become the Night King. We also don’t know what Arya will do with Sansa as she has made it obvious that she doesn’t trust her sister. Who will die and who will survive? We have to wait till Sunday to find out.

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