Game of Thrones Season Seven Finale

Game of Thrones Season Seven Finale

Season seven of Game of Thrones has finally come to an end and we are hoping that it is enough to tide us over because we may have to wait till 2019 for the eighth and final season of the series. Not much has been left on the table in terms of fan theories as almost all of them have been proven right with the exception of a few like the Prince who was Promised prophecy and the one about Bran being the Night King due to a time travel snafu by the Three-Eyed Raven. The Dragon and the Wolf was the longest episode of the series and came almost came to feature length with 80 minutes and most importantly, it was dialogue-driven.

The seventh season has come to an end and when you combine all the storylines ended so far and the characters that have met their death, you realize that there is not much going on as it used to. In these episodes, we hop around four places whereas it used to be that we went back and forth from five to eight separate storylines in a single episode. Things have become more streamlined as the number of characters has been greatly reduced.

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This is depicted quite beautifully in this episode when two huge factions come together to attend the meeting at Dragonpit. Some of the biggest characters like Cersei and Daenerys were meeting each other for the first time, but there were plenty of reunions, both big and small, as well. There was Tyrion and Bronn, Tyrion and Pod and Tyrion and Cersei. Most of these events constituted the bulk of the episode. Just when we thought that the episode would conclude without any sweeping violence, the Night King rode Viserion and destroyed a portion of the Wall at the sea by the Eastwatch.

It was a spectacular way to end the season and seemingly killed off Beric and Tormund, unless they were quick on their feet. The Army of the Dead is now marching North and there is nothing to stop them. But, right before this scene, there was the bombshell everyone has been waiting for; confirmation of Jon’s identity, which we got from the conversation between Bran and Sam. The R+L=J theory that book fans have been going on about for years turned out to be true, which means that Jon is not a bastard and is the legitimate heir to the Iron Throne.

It also means that his claim to the throne is stronger and his mother named him Aegon Targaryen. This information was provided in the background of a sex scene between Jon and Dany, which is bound to complicate things as they are aunt and nephew. The show may have taken too long to spill the beans, but they packaged it right by showing a flashback to Rhaegar and Lyanna’s wedding, her birthing scene and conversation with Ned as well as the sex scene. Moving backwards, it was satisfying to see Cersei renege on the truce. There was a possibility that she may have not done so because of her unborn child, but that didn’t happen.

Also, she didn’t let off Euron for running away from her with his tail between his legs as it turns out it was all part of the plan. It didn’t make sense that Euron would be so terrified as to walk away and it was revealed that this was just a ruse as he was heading to Essos to get the Golden Company for Cersei so she can expand her army. Cersei was playing everyone, including Tyrion, when she touched her belly while he was trying to convince her to agree to the truce.

Her betrayal is ill-timed because snow has begun to fall in King’s Landing, which means winter has come. Furthermore, her decision to go back on her word finally managed to push Jaime away and he is heading North on his own, especially after his sister even threatened him with The Mountain. Brienne also played a part in convincing him to leave as that’s the only major thing she did this season. She also told the Hound that she kept her oath of protecting Arya who was now at Winterfell.

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Speaking of Winterfell, the two Stark sisters have a mess on their hands and they cleaned it up the right way. As far as Arya is concerned, it seemed obvious most of the time that she was putting on a show in front of him, but Sansa had been the wild card. Would she see Littlefinger as the parasite he was or betray her sister? As it happened, she chose to work with her siblings to get rid of the poison from their midst and it was definitely a lovely scene. Watching Littlefinger beg was something many people had been looking forward to before Arya executed him.

Apart from these major events, there were some little moments hidden in there too. Cleganebowl is very much on as we saw from the confrontation between the Hound and the Mountain where the former told his brother that he would be coming for him. The throwback to Ned Stark with Arya and Sansa standing at the top of Winterfell was one of the most emotional moments of the entire episode. Jon was being Jon as usual as he refused to let go of his honor and came clean about his allegiance to Daenerys, which almost ended the truce before it had begun.

He said that people could call him stupid for repeating the mistakes of his father, but he couldn’t just lie. Theon was also another character who seemed to get back on his feet as he got into a fistfight with the Ironborn and emerged victorious. He gained command of their ship and is now ready to go and save his sister, particularly after Jon motivated him by telling him he is also a Stark. Things slowed down considerably in the episode, but it gave us plenty to mull over until the next season.

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