The Originals Review – What Will I Have Left

The final moments of the sixth episode of The Originals last season will make you feel exactly like Elijah; you know that what you have just witnessed is a tragedy, but you are not sure how you feel. Elijah felt this way because he doesn’t have any memories. As for the audience, it is mostly the shock factor that made them react this way. There had been rumors flying around about it, but actually watching it happen is a whole other game. Hayley decided to sacrifice her life for her daughter and there is much to say about it. However, there are other things that also happened in New Orleans.

Freya and Vincent are in disagreement about whether to share the truth of the supernatural world with Declan or not. Just as Vincent is about to come clean, Declan reveals that he is none other than Cami’s cousin. This bomb is definitely going to have a big role to play later on in the season. For now, the search for Hayley was the focus. Hope and Roman are the first ones who find her, but this is mostly because she was kidnapped by Roman’s mother, Greta. She is currently paying a visit to her daughter, Antoinette.

Her goal is to convince Elijah that Antoinette’s brother needs protection from Klaus’s wrath because he has gotten involved with Hope. Yes, it is a giant web of manipulation, but is quite effective as Elijah agrees to return to New Orleans in order to stop Klaus from taking down Roman. Meanwhile, when Klaus finds out that his daughter has run away from school, he and Caroline hit the road. Obviously, he is not very happy as she is with a boy. This gives the show a chance to please the Klaroline fans.

After being on the road for a while, they decide to make a coffee stop to give Caroline’s tracking class enough time to find Hope. Caroline uses this time to get Klaus to decide what he will say to his daughter, but he is too caught up worrying about what an awful father he has been and trying to deal with the constant stress and pain. Caroline tells him that he is just feeling like a father and explains that Hope is drawn to bad boys, just like her. She is essentially hinting about her attraction towards him, but the moment is interrupted.

Instead of Caroline’s witches, it is actually Find My iPhone that has worked and they get back to the car. Klaus questions her if she regrets spending time with him and Caroline admits that he frightened her before, but now both of them are different people so she doesn’t have any regrets. She says the same thing when he asks if she regrets meeting him. The chemistry between the two characters is just amazing. Moving on, the pair does find Roman and Hope’s phones that they have ditched on the side of the road. The phone unlocks Greta’s identity for Klaus; apparently Roman doesn’t know the concept of passcodes.

Roman takes Hope to Hayley and puts magic-dampening cuffs on her. That’s when he reveals that he is quite an idiot as he believes his mother only wants the mother daughter duo to bind their werewolf side. Hayley tells him otherwise, but he doesn’t really believe her. He finally reveals his backstory; Klaus is the reason why he was desiccating in a cave for 50 years and yet he doesn’t want to harm Hope. While Roman goes out to attend a call, Hayley tells Hope that she doesn’t want her to deny any part of herself.

She also gives her daughter some good advice; not judge herself for the mistakes she makes due to the men in her life. As Hope realizes that she cannot do magic, she gets a great idea; Hayley is a hybrid so she is cloaked, but when Roman’s witch binds her werewolf side, she becomes a vampire and Freya is able to track her. Roman is knocked out by Hope and Hayley deals with the witch, but there is a problem; it is daylight out so Hayley is stuck. Hayley was aware of that and she just wanted to keep her daughter safe.

After all, it is Hope who can bring all the factions together, something Greta doesn’t want happening and so they want to take her down. Yet, Greta arrives just when Hope is about to leave and knocks her out. Caroline and Klaus arrive, but Elijah snaps the former’s neck and then turns to fight the latter. Inside, Hayley and Greta are battling it out while Roman is kneeling beside an unconscious Hope. Elijah and Klaus bust through the front door where big brother brings the immortal hybrid to his knees by staking him.

Meanwhile, time slows down as Greta thrusts her hand into Hayley’s chest. Hayley looks around the room and she sees her unconscious daughter and Klaus on his knees and she makes a decision. With the little strength she has left, she breaks off Greta’s hand, rips off the finger with the daylight ring and then drags them both into the sunlight. Klaus and Elijah watch her burn. There is no denying that it was a shocking death, but it was fitting that she went out saving the people she loved. It was the right end for a badass character like hers.

The only problem with this twist was that Hayley didn’t get much screen time in this season. We only saw her in the premiere and then this episode. If she was going to die then it would have been better to show more of her. It felt a bit rushed when they introduced the character and then bid her farewell in the same episode. The repercussions of these events will be seen in the next episode and hopefully, Elijah will finally snap out of it. This was the moment for him to do so as he watched Hayley die.

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