Preacher Review: Call and Response

Preacher Review: Call and Response

When the show began, a lot of people described the first season of Preacher as a sort of prequel to the graphics novel. This was because while it was not established in the same continuity as the comics, it was still exploring a time period that the comics had skipped, which basically involved Jesse working as a Preacher in Annville. The season finale fulfilled its promise as it came to a close with a number of scenes that almost literally led to the events of how the comic books were introduced, complete with Tulip, Cassidy and Jesse eating at a diner as they go on the road together. It was exciting and fun to see it as a comic book fan.

The series is poised for a lot of big things as Jesse and his friends have hit the road in the search of God himself and Jesse is also determined to rescue Eugene. Plus, there has been an addition of another exciting element to the show in the form of Saint of Killers who is now on Earth and is hunting Jesse. Basically, Annville is gone so does it mean that everyone part of the main trio has died? It doesn’t seem likely that they eliminated every other important character. Odin’s survival is a must. After all, the show didn’t bring Jackie Earl Hayley just to end his role off-screen.

Root, on the other hand, falls in the maybe department as he just found out that Cassidy is a vampire and those scenes in the jail cell between the two were definitely terrific. Also, he still wants to find Eugene so his story was left hanging. Donny and Betsy and also Emily could be casualties as their story arc seems to be over. The finale was completely packed with a ton of events. The full story behind Carlos and his betrayal was finally revealed and it also became obvious why we should consider Tulip and Jesse careless for making a pregnant woman be a part of a bank robbery.

When it was revealed that they lost their child, Tulip’s desperation to get Jesse to assist her during the season was put into perspective. Sympathizing and understanding her persistence became easier as we found out that it was personal. Furthermore, even though Jesse clearly killed the security guard, it became apparent that the situation escalated because of Carlos. Carlos was finally set on the path of redemption with the beating he got from Tulip and Jesse and was allowed to live.

One of the most captivating and audacious sequences was that of ‘God’ speaking to the Church. While the depiction of God visually came off as a bit goofy, it still fit in the odd world of Preacher. Later on, it turned out that this was only an angel who posed as God and not the All-Mighty himself so we were left pondering about how he may look eventually.

In short, a number of storylines were juggled in the season finale of Preacher, which included an important flashback, God’s visit to Annville and Cassie’s time in jail and this was all done skillfully. Therefore, it succeeded in setting the stage for the second season, which is more in line with the MO of the comic book. Basically, the stage has been set for a quicker and bigger season next year.

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