Suits Season 7 Premiere Review: ‘Skin in the Game’

Suits Season 7 Premiere Review: ‘Skin in the Game’

With the Suits Season 7 Premiere, the show once again proves that it remains razor sharp and hasn’t lost its touch as yet. Skin in the Game begins the next day after the previous season finale and we see Harvey Specter (Gabriel Macht) coaxing his therapist (Christina Fox) to go out with him just once. Sure, Harvey is in the habit of doing some quirky things, but asking his therapist to go on a date is definitely a new one for him. The upside is that he is in a good mood, which cannot be said for Mike Ross (Patrick J. Adams) because he has the dreaded task of telling his former boss at the legal clinic that he is returning to Harvey.

He tries to make things better by giving Nathan (Peter Cambor), his former boss, half a million dollars, but the latter just bristles at the gesture. Sarah Rafferty’s Donna, on the other hand, has asked Harvey to give her a seat at the table. She wants to be a partner at the firm she has protected for a decade. Harvey and Mike are seen arguing about Mike making changes to Harvey’s office. That’s when Harvey tells Mike that even though he is managing partner, he would still like the both of them to work together. After all, the show wouldn’t be the same if our bespoke and modern-day Batman and Robin were separated.

In another part of the building, Louis (Rick Hoffman) is refusing to go on vacation and Gretchen (Aloma Wright) is downright annoyed at that. She reminds him that he hasn’t gone on a vacation in nine years, but after his breakup with Tara, Louis has devised one way to cope; train a new class of associates. Rachel (Meghan Markle) watches Louis be even more aggressive than his usual self as he tears the head off of one associate. Donna can fix everything so that’s who Rachel visits because after witnessing the rampage, she has come to the conclusion that Louis is not in the right state of mind to oversee the associates.

Donna goes to Louis and informs him that it is better for Rachel to be in charge, which would definitely benefit Rachel, but the scene gets some serious merit when Louis cuts down Donna. Then comes a really cool moment when Donna and Gretchen speak and this is where the episode’s title comes from as the other woman reminds her that you have to put your skin in the game if you want a seat at the table.

There is a smarmy corporate client that Harvey and Mike have to deal with, who is being nasty because he doesn’t feel important enough and yet wants the lawyers to help him sell part of his company. Mike Ross, our new junior partner, is not impressed with this and he and Harvey decide to weed out anyone who isn’t interested in making a deal by throwing a party. Their party is goes down great and the two stand near the bar and check out all the candidates for the sale to judge who is appropriate. This also gives them the opportunity to exchange some witty banter about geopolitics and models.

Their success is highlighted the next morning when the list has been narrowed down to three bids. Confident that two of them cannot match the third’s bid, they decide to play them off each other. While this is going on, Harvey goes back to his office and finds Donna waiting with a check and asking to be acknowledged. She informs him that she hasn’t told Louis about him becoming managing partner. All this drama stays with him when he goes on his date, which turns into somewhat of a therapy session.

Louis is not stable at all and calls Rachel out for trying to steal the part of his job that means the most to him. Donna is watching this exchange and calls Harvey who gives in to her demand, but does question her if she really wants to be part of a firm that’s struggling. His troubles, however, are not over. Mike tells him that their client didn’t inform them that their company was about to be sued and the sale is about to go through. When the client is confronted, he threatens to drop the firm. Mike has a tantrum when he realizes Harvey’s helplessness and calls him out on his fear of taking charge, reminding him that he doesn’t have to be Jessica.

Harvey gets his guts back and goes to the client to inform him that they are stopping the sale. If the client tries to fire the firm, they will do a press release to expose the client. He goes on to tell them exactly how the situation will be resolved and states that his firm is not going to be bullied. Meanwhile, Donna breaks to Louis that she is a senior partner now and is giving Rachel the associates. Harvey shows up to calm things down before they blow up and makes his status known.

Thus, everyone is reminded that they have lots of work to do and there is much bigger fish to fry rather than fight amongst themselves. Louis gives Rachel and apology and tells her that she should take charge of the associates. In return, she advises him to talk to Tara to get some sort of closure. Mike has moved into his office, one that he managed to re-decorate rather quickly and Donna offers him her congratulations. But, she doesn’t waste time in telling Mike that she will get her own office and now outranks him.

Where is Harvey during this time? He is trying to make up to his therapist for blowing away his date. Suits does a great job of giving us a romantic ending in the form of Harvey and his ex-therapist kissing. With this end, Suits season 7 seems to be off to a good start with a completely new slate.

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