The Originals Season 5 Premiere

The Originals Season 5 Premiere

The first episode of the fifth season is literally the beginning of the end. The story of the Originals began eight years ago when Elijah Mikaelson walked in into an abandoned house and met the latest Petrova doppelganger, Elena Gilbert. Later on The Vampire Diaries, we were introduced to Klaus and from there the tale of the first vampires began. Now, after countless deaths, betrayals and dramatic events, the end is finally near. The show picked up after an eight-year time jump. Last we saw of the family, they had decided to scatter to prevent the magic of the Hollow from destroying everything.

During this time, it seems that Klaus has been quite the busy little beaver. He has gone on a rampage in Europe and has left tons of corpses in his wake. In the past few years, he has gone back to his roots and has spent his time beheading people and ripping out hearts in France. Amongst other things, he has also visited Elijah at his piano bar, which is a major no-no as doing so causes the flowers to wilt and the water in Rebekah’s bath turns to blood. It wasn’t until he got a visit from Caroline Forbes that he decided to return.

Yes, indeed. Fans finally got the Klaroline reunion they have been hoping for that was triggered by a phone call from Rebekah. Caroline didn’t waste any time in getting right to the point. She berated him for not asking about his daughter, who he had not spoken to in five years. Hope is attending Caroline’s school and she said that the girl was beautiful and smart, just like her father. They spoke the last three words together, which goes to show exactly how in-tune the two characters are. She then questioned him about why he was picking off members of the same family in France.

Klaus told her that he was simply killing off his family’s enemies methodically for protecting Elijah. He also said that he was a bad father because he had been brought up by one. That angered Caroline and she told him not use Mikael as an excuse and called Klaus someone worth knowing, something that made his ears perk up. Meanwhile, other characters are also busy as Marcel finally proposed to Rebekah and it was not just any proposal. It was a majorly beautiful one. He played a game that he called ‘four objects and a question’.

There was the wedding dress he had seen her eyeing, a sword, a drawing of their dream house and a ring. He gave her two envelopes; one for yes and one for no, but Rebekah cannot choose one yet, given the state of her family. The episode gave a thrill to all Vampire Diaries fan as well as it took us to Mystic Falls. It was a tad sad to visit the Salvatore Boarding School and know that the Salvatore brothers wouldn’t be there. Teens are roaming about and we can just imagine Damon making snarky comments.

Nonetheless, we discover that Hope is something of a bad-girl. She is in that rebellious teen phase and is helping a werewolf called Henry turn into a hybrid by giving him her blood. She tells him to keep it quiet, but doesn’t know that he plans to kill himself by jumping out the window, which means she gets suspended. Henry is the only one who is aware that she is Klaus’s daughter because he is one of the crescents, which means Hayley is their alpha. So, it was back to New Orleans for Klaus and Hayley’s daughter.

New Orleans is now a peaceful place and a mardi gras meeting is underway with Hayley representing the wolves, Freya the witches and Josh the vampires and Vincent organizing. Hayley has kept herself busy and is currently dating a very human chef called Declan and she is planning to go on a date with him. However, things go awry when she gets a call from Hope’s school and the mother daughter end up in a confrontation with each other. Hayley explains to her daughter why she was supposed to stay out of the limelight and why it is a bad idea to make Henry one of the three hybrids in the world. But, now the damage is done.

After her argument with her mother, Hope calls her Uncle Kol, who actually does manage to calm her down. It turns out that Hope has also heard the rumors about Klaus and that he has gone off the deep end. She is angry that he hasn’t been much of a father to her and has been calling Kol for assistance. It turns out that Kol is enjoying married life in Belize with Davina and is happy to reassure his favorite niece.

Moving on to Freya and Keelin, they have also kept in touch. She does the magical version of FaceTime to talk to him while he is in Lebanon. She will be coming home in five days, but wants Freya to join her on her next stunt. She states that Freya doesn’t have to be in New Orleans to figure out a way of reuniting her family, something she hasn’t accomplished in the last seven years. Keelin asks her to give her just seven months, one for each year she has dedicated to reuniting their family. Even though Freya doesn’t agree instantly, she is definitely giving it some thought.

For now, things seem to be heating up once again in New Orleans thanks to the havoc Henry is now wreaking. The werewolves are worried about what will happen to him and no faction of the city is pleased with a teenage hybrid on the loose. However, Hayley manages to calm everyone down and has succeeded in convincing everyone to let them foster the new one. But, just before the matter could settle down, the show pulled the rug out from under us; Hayley was attacked in the French Quarter and she is now missing.

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