Things Women Should Do to Make Husbands Happy

How to Keep the Magic Alive in Your Long Term Marriage

Amidst the hectic schedules and the stress of daily life, it can become tough to keep a marriage exciting and fresh. Sure, it is a challenge and it is something that can only be accomplished if you both work together. Nonetheless, there are small deeds and acts that every wife can do to ensure their husbands remain happy and faithful. With these actions, you can let them know every day that you love them like day one. Want to know what they are? Listed below are some of the things women can do to make their husbands happy. They will definitely tug on their heartstrings and you can make your marriage thrive:

Make romance a priority

Just because you have been married a while doesn’t mean that you let romance go on the back-burner. You should always take out time for indulging in romantic activities together such as walking on the beach at sunset, eating candlelit dinners or snuggling up together to watch a movie. You can also give each other flowers or send flirty text messages to each other throughout the day when you are not together.

Mix things up in your sex life

The sexual aspect of marriage is one where the excitement tends to fade. This is mostly because couples stop thinking about the pleasure and only consider it a duty. Sex is never a duty; it is solely for fun and pleasure and you both need to work to keep it interesting. How can you play your part? Don’t ever schedule sex because this is not sexy at all. Impromptu sex is the best as it gives your adrenaline a boost and doubles the pleasure.

You can also set the stage with candles and appropriate lingerie. Find some good ones at Romantic Depot Manhattan Sex Store near the Upper West Side. Learn your husband’s needs and preferences and figure out what turns them on and use it to your advantage. Try out new and different positions or you can also experiment with role-playing.

Make the home a haven

Work schedules are quite hectic and your husband probably has a lot on his plate. When he walks in the door, all he wants to do is relax and not have any argument waiting for him. Do you want your husband to be happy when he comes home? Then you need to greet him properly and make sure he feels welcome. Otherwise, he is only going to dread coming home and that’s going to put a damper on your relationship.

Don’t let go of your date nights

Before you got married, you probably used to have a date night with your husband, right? You had fixed days when you both went out and had dinner together where you could just talk about everything. Those were the times when you connected and realized how much you enjoyed each other’s company. Now, just because you are married is no reason to let this date night go. It is way better than marriage counseling. They are something you both look forward to. You can forget your worries and make it romantic and fun just like they used to be. This way, you both can stay connected and not let a chill come in between.

Don’t let yourself go

One of the biggest errors that a wife can make is letting herself go. You probably started going out with your husband because he found you attractive. He loved your looks as well as your personality, which means he loved the whole package. Now that you are married, you shouldn’t take out one factor from the equation. You need to take out the time and make an effort to focus on your appearance. This means dressing properly and watching your weight. This can communicate to your spouse that you care about their desires and needs.

Be spontaneous

Predictability becomes a part of your life when you are married. You both have fixed schedules and routines and you know where the other is going to be most of the time. This takes out the time and spontaneity of your relationship and can make it boring. Therefore, you should make it a priority to be spontaneous. Since you know your husband’s routine, you know when he is going to be free or when he can take time off. Plan for those days. You can go to concerts or take a road trip. You could go camping or have a movie marathon. Plan everything and surprise him with it. He is going to love it and you both can spend some quality time together.

Gift giving is necessary

Express your love for your husband through unique and special gifts. Try and make them yourself because this will show him that you really made an effort. You can get him something he really wants and he is going to be very happy with you.

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