How Things Have Changed Since I Bought Elevatione Wrinkles Filler Foundation Home

Purchased at “Time Stops” at Marina Bay Sands Singapore

L1-32, Bay Level, The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

I cannot forget that day when I was filling my cart with the most exotic makeup items and accessories that day at Time Stops at the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore. I had made up my mind to spend some money on myself that day. I would pick up a product, read the labels, and throw it in the cart. I tossed this wrinkles filler foundation in my cart like other things. I came back home, opened the packaging, and things have not been the same since then.

$499 Wrinkles Filler Foundation - Nude
$499 Wrinkles Filler Foundation – Nude

I Never Knew Getting a Wrinkle-free Face Was This Easy

So as I looked through all that I had bought, I got a hold of this wrinkles filler foundation. Oh no, I was not going to believe all that “look young again” story again. I opened the packaging casually and applied the wrinkle filler on my face. That’s when I received the most pleasing surprise of my life. I looked in the mirror and the wrinkles around my eyes and near the chin seemed to disappear. I could not believe my eyes. I took some more of the wrinkles free foundation on my fingers and applied it. The magic had happened.

Going through the Label of Wrinkles Filler Foundation

I started reading the packaging and discovered things that made me happier than ever. I was proud of my purchase even though I had not picked up this product at will. It was an impulsive purchase that proved to be a pleasant surprise. The first thing I noticed in the ingredients was hyaluronic acid. Since I love to buy cosmetics and learn more about these products, I knew what hyaluronic acid was all about. To tell you shortly, it is present in abundance in your skin where it is retaining the moisture to keep your skin looking supple and replenished.

The other impressive ingredient in this wrinkle filler was calendula oil. You know, calendula oil is not all about esthetics. This is a gift of nature that you can use for healing your skin wounds as well. It anti-inflammatory qualities make it a perfect natural ingredient to apply on your skin when there is swelling. If you have acne, you are in for a surprise as well. Calendula oil can help you with your acne as well. It might not be a guaranteed solution to the problem but can help you prevent it to some degree.

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ELEVATIONE Wrinkles Filler Foundation
ELEVATIONE Wrinkles Filler Foundation

How I Use Wrinkles Filler Foundation

You can tell from the name what this product is. It is a foundation and so you are going to apply it like a foundation. Clean your face before application. Wash it first and then pat-dry with a clean towel. You want to let your face dry properly for the foundation to stay on it. However, if you have a dry skin, you can apply some moisturizer before applying the foundation. Applying foundation is easy. You apply some to areas where you have wrinkles and then fill the wrinkles. After you have applied it evenly, you can go ahead and apply your regular foundation as well.

This wrinkles filler foundation has been formulated intelligently. It is a thick paste which does not become cakey soon after application. However, the quality of your other foundation can definitely hurt its effects. The fact that this product was bought at the Marina Bay Sands Singapore shop also says much about the quality.

Should You Buy Wrinkles Filler Foundation?

I am going to talk based on my experience. I am near my 50s and I already look like a retired lady. It is a quick way to look your best at parties and get-togethers. You can wash it clean before sleeping. You can have some skin-healing benefits because of the ingredients inside this foundation. If you like those things, you should definitely buy Time Stops wrinkles filler foundation.

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