The Latest Trend Of Designers’ Abayas Is Thriving

The Latest Trend Of Designers’ Abayas Is Thriving

An abaya is a dress of modesty and sophistication for those believe in Islam and its cultural value. Abayas have long sleeves, loose fitting gown, and women wear it over their regular clothes. An abaya usually comes with a hijab:a head-scraf. Islamic women with strong beliefs love to adapt this attire without having a need of luster while for others; an abaya refers to conservative clothing.

Designer Abayas

This Islamic attire is designed to fulfill the need of covering the modesty of Muslim women. The common view of an abaya shows a tedious and typical style of clothing however with the changes of modern world; the contemporary fashion trends have also touched the prosperity of the Islamic attire.
Designer abayas with lots of different designs and styles are getting popularity in women who want to look elegant and stylish without disregarding their cultural requirements. It has a perfect blend of traditional elements and sophistication.

In addition, the latest trend of designers’ abayas has knocked the fashion shows and is getting an outstanding popularity in various countries. Like everything else, the online shops for abayas showcase the best arena to let women get sophistically stylish alongside regarding their beliefs and cultural requirements.

Material variety

Traditional abayas are made with cotton and jersey while designers’ abayas present a plenty of variation in the fabric used for its making. An attractive assortment ranging from light fabric like georgette, rayon, and crepe to jersey and cotton, gives a splendid look with elegancy and sophistication. The attributes of light fabrics have an excellent exhibit of lavishness and richness offering you the high quality comfort with style.

Color Choice

By tradition, an abaya has black colored fabric which is still in demand in most Islamic destinations. The purpose of black is the lack of need to attract pointless attention in order to protect the modesty of a woman. Though black still comes as most preferable color choice for most customers, a variety of different colors and shades have been added to the fashion of designers’ abayas. For instance, white, blue, maroon, and lots more are being part of abayas fashion.


Designers’ abayas make its diversity evident from traditional ones by using the tones they have. Embroidered designs in abayas have already gained its recognition across the fashion world, and now it is experiencing a rapid growth in its demand in Muslim and Non-Muslims destinations. Modern designs come along with embroidery with the seams or the sequins and jewelry stones, and a beautiful addition of laces and sashes. Sometimes simple embroidered abayas also gives an appealing and impressive look.

Innovation in Hijab Designs

Spicing up a religious attire without compromising on its purpose needs creativity and fashion designers know their job. The shops of designers’ abayas are full of abayas with hijab that are stylish, and feature elegant and contemporary designing. The use of printed fabric and variation in color choice is paired with each design of abayas displayed for your selection. These hijab styles offer a range of its utilization by means of adding some blings with fancy safety pins or beautiful broche.

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