Choosing E-Cigarettes over Traditional Cigarettes- Why Should You?

Choosing E-Cigarettes over Traditional Cigarettes- Why Should You?

E-cigarettes are considered a popular alternative to traditional cigarettes, which contain tobacco. While they have been around for a long while, many people are still wondering why they have become so popular. What exactly do these e-cigs offer that it is better to opt for them? Let’s take a look:


First and foremost, e-cigarettes have managed to supersede the popularity of traditional tobacco cigarettes due to the huge variety that’s available. The main feature is quite easy to work out from the name, but there is so much variety in e-cigs that people can actually opt for a personal e smoke. For instance, there are cartomizers and clearomizers, which are different types of containers that comprise of the liquid. There are also some e-cigs that have soft tips for mimicking ‘real’ cigarettes. Some require you to press a button while others require you to draw on them. E-Zigarettes are also an option. Needless to say, everyone who enjoys pipe smoking can find a device that suits them.


The cost of smoking will depend on the kind of smoker you are, the brand of cigarette or e-cigarette you prefer, the number of e-liquids you decide to buy at one time and similar other factors. But, if you are comparing the cost of tobacco smoking with e-cigarettes, the latter will be a lot cheaper in the long run. Buying E-Zigarettes may have a high upfront cost, but they can last for a long time as opposed to tobacco cigarettes.


Research has been conducted into the health benefits that e-cigarettes have to offer and so far, it has shown that they are considerably better for your health than tobacco ones. The traditional cigarettes contain a vast number of chemicals that can lead to numerous diseases and illnesses whereas E-Zigarettes can offer you nicotine free e-smokes, which are less damaging for your health.


One major reason that has prompted the popularity of electronic cigarettes is that there are quite a few cool accessories that are available to e-smokers these days. You can find e-cigarette cases, which are for both disposable and refillable cigarettes, lanyards that make it easy to carry the e-cigs and several others. All of these accessories can actually make smoking quite convenient for people.

Smoke Free Smoking

The problem with tobacco cigarettes is that you cannot smoke them everywhere you go. Nowadays, there are lots of restrictions imposed in some places and they are even backed by law. This is due to the fact that it is not just you who inhales the cigarette smoke; others around you are also forced to inhale it. This is referred to as passive smoking and it is extremely dangerous. With e-cigarettes, this is not a problem because you are not exhaling any chemical-laden smoke. Instead, it is flavored vapor and it doesn’t cause a problem for those around you.

Due to these notable reasons, choosing e-cigarettes over traditional cigarettes has become quite a popular trend amongst smokers in today’s world.

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