How to Ensure You Are Drinking Clean and Pure Water

How to Ensure You Are Drinking Clean and Pure Water

The long term health of your body depends on the quality of water that goes in your body. Drinking bad quality water with contaminants can be dangerous for you in many ways. From allergies and skin outbreaks to kidney problems, they are all related to the quality of water you are drinking. This is why, you are strictly advised to drink only safe water and inform your family about water safety. When it comes to finding out the quality of water you can’t just rely on blind guesses. There are different ways to make sure you are drinking clean and safe water. Here are some common methods used to ensure the safety of your health by drinking clean water.

Use Filtration

One of the most common methods of cleaning water is filtration. It is unfortunate that in most parts of the world the tap water is not considered the safest form of water. Contaminants from the atmosphere, pipelines and grounds are often present in this water. Furthermore, governments try to clean the water with the use of various chemicals and they can cause contamination of water too. With a filter attached to your taps you can make sure you are drinking clean water. Filters can have different prices depending on how good and reliable they are. Filtration is reliable but can also be an expensive method of cleaning water because you have to change filters every now and then as the material used for filtration keeps expiring.

Boiling Water

In many countries of the world people drink water only after boiling it. There are many harmful living agents in water that can be the cause of some serious diseases. Many types of fevers like typhoid and jaundice are associated with the quality of water you are drinking. Stomach related problems can also be caused by these harmful germs in water. The best way to get rid of them is by boiling water. Most people are concerned about how long they should boil the water before it can be considered clean. The thing is that most harmful germs and pathogens in water are killed by the time your water reaches 85-degree Celsius. What this means is that your water is safe to clean once it has reached boiling point just once.

Using TDS Meters

One of the most effective and affordable ways of ensuring that you are drinking clean and pure water is the use of a best TDS meter. A TDS meter is a tool that you can use to measure how many dissolved solids there are in the water you are about to drink. Potassium, calcium, magnesium, sodium etc. are all different types of dissolved solids in water. There is only a certain percentage of these solids that is good for your health. Above a certain percentage, they make the water taste bad and are not very useful for your health. A TDS meter can tell you within seconds how many dissolved solids your water contains. It is a good measure for even your filtered water to check the performance of your filters.

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