Skincare Tips for Women over 40

Skincare Tips for Women over 40

If you have crossed the 40 mark, you will realize that your skin is changing. Like the other parts of your body, your skin has begun to show the signs of aging once you hit 40. Stressing over it is only going to add to your troubles. The good news is that you can maintain the youthfulness and beauty of your skin through some great and simple tips. The key is to incorporate the right skincare tips in your routine and you will have the skin you desire. Here are some great ones that can be a huge blessing for women over 40:


You need to start exfoliating your skin on a regular basis. It can be immensely helpful in getting rid of the dead cells that accumulate with time and make your skin appear dull. This requires you to select a scrub based on your skin type and in accordance with the season.

Moisturizing is key

As you grow older, you will notice that your skin is becoming drier because the oil producing glands in your skin become less active. Therefore, it is essential that you start moisturizing your skin regularly and not let it dry out too much.

Apply a face mask

Your skin also needs to hydrate just like your skin and this can be done with the help of a face mask. There are tons of face masks you will find in the market or you can also make one at home. Apply a face mask at least once a week to ensure your skin gets the right nutrients and stays hydrated.

Pay attention to your eyes

The very first tell-tale signs of aging are the wrinkles and fine lines around your eyes. Women over 40 should make it a priority to use an under eye cream or gel that will help in nourishing the eyes. It is recommended that you apply them at night so they can get rid of the wrinkles and lines in your sleep.

Choose the right makeup

When you were in your 20s, you automatically reached out for bold colors and makeup, but that has to change now that you are 40. First, you need to cut down the layers you apply on your skin. Next, you should keep your makeup subtle and not very loud.

Keep out the sun

Putting on sunscreen should be your mantra whenever you plan to step out. In fact, you can even apply it when you are at home. This is because continuous exposure to the sun can inflict a lot of damage on your skin and you want to avoid that at all cost. Opt for a sunscreen that has an SPF of at least 15.

Eat well

What you put into your body can also have an impact on your skin. Thus, you should be watchful of what you are eating. A balanced diet that comprises of lots of fruits and vegetables is recommended. Likewise, you should drink plenty of water and avoid caffeinated and alcoholic drinks.


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