Walk-In Clinics Vs House Call Doctor: Which is Better?

Are you planning to see a doctor, but mulling over whether to opt for a house call appointment or go to a walk-in clinic? In the last few decades, the advancements in medical technology had eliminated the custom of house calls by doctors because it was not possible to fit all kinds of medical equipment in the black bag they carried. However, we have come a long way since then and house call appointments have begun to gain popularity once again. A number of people choose not to go down this route because they wonder how the doctor will provide medical assistance without their tools and machines.

The fact is that is that consulting a doctor doesn’t have to be a hassle nowadays. Sure, there is no harm in going to a walk-in clinic, waiting in a line for the appointment and then consultation. With a house call, the doctor comes to your place at your convenience. There are several reasons why house calls sound better to people and some notable ones are discussed here:


The problem with walk-in visits is that there is a lot of hassle involved. These clinics are usually very crowded and you have to wait for hours for your turn to see the doctor. With a home consultation, you can save time because there is no longer any need to wait. You can call the doctor when the time is right for you and they are available 24/7 so you will be able to get the medical checkup you need.


The biggest issue with going to walk-in clinics is that you have to follow their timetable. If the doctor is available in the morning, chances are you will have to take an off from work or adjust your schedule for your appointment. This problem is avoided with a house call doctor as they come directly to your home when you want them to. This means that you can call them when you are free and they will come for a consultation. In this way, you don’t have to forgo your health checkup due to other obligations and responsibilities.


Going to a walk-in clinic can also be dangerous because you are surrounded by patients, which means that you are susceptible to a ton of infections and diseases. Who knows what germs are being transferred while you are sitting in the waiting room? This is something you don’t have to worry about at home because you are the only patient there, which means that you are as safe as possible.

More personal service

When you visit a doctor at a clinic or hospital, both of you are conscious of the others waiting outside so you have to be quick and concise and so does the doctor. Therefore, some things may be left undiscussed. This is not an issue with house calls because the doctor is fully focused on the patients and there is no distraction; they can interact more easily and in detail, which leads to better care.

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