5 Ideas for a Heavenly Backyard

5 Ideas for a Heavenly Backyard

Simply having a backyard isn’t enough if you really want to spoil all your senses. It’s an area where you should feel most relaxed, so you should make an additional effort to create a real heaven there. A few following tips can do just that.

1. Create privacy

A real heaven involves having privacy in the backyard, so the smart move would be to create a type of wall around it. It doesn’t have to look like a cage, of course. A stylish wooden fence or even a hedge will serve both as a privacy wall and decoration. Wooden lattice panels are also an option, adding a lovely decorative touch to the area. Wooden panels can also be decorated with hanging pots, allowing you to add more color to the surface. Using natural materials and plants to create a border between the outside world and your backyard doesn’t feel stuffy, but it also adds to the holistic feel of the space. Hornbeams serving as hedges are a beautiful solution, while you can also add an iroko fence mounted on top of the boundary. The important thing with a green wall is to prevent it from becoming a wild forest – it needs to be maintained regularly and with a precision. Alternatively, a simple thing as curtains will offer you some privacy in certain areas, too, resembling the look of a pergola.

Sometimes you want privacy where it’s pretty difficult to achieve it due to the position in the backyard. In this case, you can build a raised dining terrace which will have higher walls. Of course, you can use harder materials for the privacy wall, depending on your budget and preferences.

2. Add a hammock or a swing

A hammock and a swing are truly the symbols of a lazy afternoon. You can simply lie down in a hammock, look at the sky above you and just turn off your mind. You can buy one in any garden center; no need for you to make one. Those PVC hammocks are very easy to install, and if you have a couple of trunks next to each other, then the hammock can be freestanding. You can even attach one side to the wall of the house if that suits you better.

On the other hand, swings are mostly fun for the kids but nobody says you can’t get a bigger one if you have a playful spirit. Swings remind us of our childhood, so why not hang one onto the tree or get a freestanding one?

3. Invest in the patio

The patio will be the area for gathering when you entertain or simply spend a pleasant afternoon with the family. So, you need to do your best to make this area as comfortable and magical as possible.

The first thing to mind here is the shape of the back wall. It needs to be vertical, with a flat surface. The second thing is to match the style of the patio with the architecture of your home. The best option is if you match the color of the patio with the color of the exterior. A solid patio is a smart choice for a few reasons. First of all, a patio with a roof allows you and your family to dine outside even if it’s raining. In other words, it allows you to enjoy the outdoors no matter the weather conditions. Secondly, it serves as a focal point in the backyard, especially if it’s neatly decorated. And thirdly, it makes a lovely extension of your home, which can be subsequently turned into a closed space if necessary.

Today, there are many fashionable patio designs available, so it’s necessary for you to get to know with all of them if you want to opt for the best one for your backyard. As the patio will have a roof, too, it’s also necessary to mind the important details like gutters and quality gutter brackets to direct the rainwater where you need it.

A gable patio is perfect for hot climates because the angle of its roof successfully diffuses the sunrays. Its design with two sides and a roof resembling a gable may not be particularly trendy but it is a long-lasting and affordable option.

On the other hand, dome patios are much more attractive when it comes to physical appearance because many of them are made of plastic or transparent glass.

The third option is a skillion roof patio – definitely the simplest one of all. Its slight tilt directs all the water down the drains while its material provides lower temperature underneath the roof even up to 5 degrees. In most cases, it’s attached to the main structure of the house. Its advantage is its minimalistic design, making it ultra-modern.

4. A water feature

A water feature comes in many forms in a backyard. If you have a large backyard, then the obvious thing to do would be to build a pool. It would serve as a fun and entertainment area but it also has a calming effect in the evening and provides a perfect spot for a romantic evening. If you decide to build a pool, don’t forget the safety measures like a glass poll rail. It will prevent anybody from falling into the pool inadvertently but will also add a touch of luxury to the pool.

In case it’s far above your budget, there are other cheaper water features to install in the backyard. A small fountain with its calming sound of running water is all you need during a lazy afternoon. It’s possible to buy a ready-make one but if you’re feeling up for a DIY work, then you can build one from natural materials from your own backyard. You only need to have a water tap in the yard, which will be enough to mimic the sound of a spring.

Alternatively, a simple splash pad will be a lovely surprise for the kids and a source of fun. They are pretty affordable and fairly easy to install, and will come in handy during summer days when the kids want to have some fun in the backyard.

5. A fire pit for warm, magical evenings

A great benefit of a fire pit is that it allows you to enjoy your backyard even during the cold winter evenings. Moreover, it creates a magical atmosphere in which you can enjoy just like your grandparents did – gathering around a warm hearth, telling stories and drinking a warm beverage such as hot chocolate or cinnamon tea. Sounds great, right? Nowadays, there are various versions of fire pits, so you can choose between the modern, stylish versions and more traditional ones. Whichever type you choose, add a couple of blankets around it to complete the look. You can even match the pit with the seating around it. Another lovely option is to form a circle around the fire pit area using rocks to create rustic look. You can even add a path that leads to the fire pit. A pathway built with the same material as the fire pit will create a stunning view.

Final words

Creating a dreamy backyard takes time but it’s very well worth it. Take time to plan every detail and don’t afraid to experiment. You can do many projects on your own – with the right tools and materials, you can do wonders in your backyard. The result will be true heaven for you and your loved ones.

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