How to Easily Attract Wildlife to Your Garden

How to Easily Attract Wildlife to Your Garden

Would you like to see more wildlife in your garden? You may be a professional photographer who loves to capture photos of these beautiful animals outdoors or simply a lover of wildlife. No matter the reason for wanting to see more wildlife in your garden, there are quite a few different ways to attract them to your personal space.

Start Feeding the Birds

If you put bird feeders in your garden and keep them filled with delicious nuts and assorted bird food, you may attract more wildlife animals than just the birds. You may see a broad range of different bird species coming into your garden to feast on the treats you’re offering. Some of the other local animals may start making their way to your garden, too.

Capture the Action

It’s great to attract wildlife into your garden but it’s impossible to see everything and you certainly can’t be watching for 24 hours per day. One option is to invest in a wildlife camera, there’s a wide range available online with great features such night vision and motion control. You don’t have to spend a fortune and you’ll be able to catch up on all the things you missed, its great education for the children too.


A water feature or a pond is another great way to attract wildlife to your garden such as newts and frogs. Decorate the pond with some water plants and maybe some koi carp. Remember to take safety precautions though if you have children visiting your home.

Plant More Trees

Is your garden lacking trees? You may have beautiful plants, shrubs, and flowers all around, but not many trees. However, trees often attract wildlife. The animals may use the trees as a way of hiding out and seeking shelter from the elements. Because it takes time for trees to grow when they’re first planted in the soil, you may prefer purchasing a tree that’s already started growing.

You could replant the tree in your garden and give it the attention it needs to grow taller and larger over time. After adding a few more trees to the garden, you may notice more wildlife coming into the garden area to hang out and explore all the great things you’ve got for them.

It’s not too difficult to attract wildlife to a garden. The best ways to do so would be to feed the birds with assorted bird feeders and plant more trees where these animals can find shelter. In addition to these options, you may want to plant the different types of flowers, fruits, and vegetables that wildlife animals like to eat.

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