Bonoloto Gives You an Entire Week of Excitement and Winning Chances!

As simple as they are, lotteries can keep people on their toes before every drawing. With so many lotteries available due to the internet, it can be quite a task for you to decide which lottery you should pick. The main goal of any lottery is to make you rich and help you live a life that you have only dreamed of. However, it is not possible to take part in every lottery because that can get quite expensive. What you want to do is pick a lottery that offers a lot of chances of winning even if you can’t win a nine figure jackpot. That’s where Bonoloto comes in. Bonoloto is one of the best lotteries that Spain offers and with so many chances of winning every week, it definitely has to be one of the lotteries you are thinking of playing next.

Knowing a Little about Bonoloto

Bonoloto comes from Spain and this lottery has been around since the late 1980s. Things have changed quite a bit along the way but the popularity of this lottery has never gone down. It is a straightforward lottery with many chances of winning big even if you don’t hit the jackpot. The odds are low compared to the biggest lotteries of the world, which means your chances of winning are great. Options like Reintegro and Complementario are there to boost your winnings or at least return you the amount you have spent on your ticket.

As stated earlier, it might not be a huge lottery with nine figure jackpots, but the winnings are still big enough to change your life. What you will love about this lottery is that the jackpot rolls over to become big with every drawing. The minimum jackpot that you can win as a Bonoloto player is €400,000.

The Rules of Bonoloto

The first thing you have to know about Bonoloto is that you have to pick a total of six numbers in this game. You have to match all of these six numbers to hit the jackpot. The range you have available for picking your lucky numbers is 1 to 49. Looking at the draws will reveal that there is a complementary number drawn as well. It is more like a seventh number but the player does not have to pick it. It is there only to boost the winnings of the second tier winner. If they match only five numbers with the jackpot number, the remaining number becomes their complementario.

The unique thing about this lottery is the reintegro option. It is a number that appears on your ticket and can be anything from 0 to 9. You cannot select this number. Instead, it appears on the ticket automatically when the ticket is printed. If you can match this number, you can get the money you have spent on the ticket back.

It is amazing that the Bonoloto jackpot can keep on rolling over unless there is a winner. What’s even more amazing about this lottery is that the drawings take place the entire week except Sunday. Buy the ticket before the ticket time cuts off and you can see whether you are the winner or not that very same evening. It is important to know here that you cannot opt for any monthly or yearly payment to receive the jackpot. You have to accept it as a lump sum amount. If you win less than €2,500, you don’t have to pay any taxes, but there are taxes to be paid that can something around 20% of the winning amount if you win more than that.

To be the second prize winner in Bonoloto, you have to match the complementary number. You don’t pick this number. Since you have picked six numbers and you have not won the jackpot, you are left with five numbers that can match the jackpot number and one extra number. If this extra number matches the seventh ball drawn on the day of the drawing, you win the second tier prize. When participating in Bonoloto, you have four additional ways of winning something even if you have not hit the jackpot. The last prize is for matching three numbers. However, you can count the reintegro as an additional way of winning as well.

The Big Wins of Bonoloto

Just because this lottery is not as big as Powerball, MegaMillions or EuroMillions does not mean the jackpot is not attractive at all. After a few rollovers, the jackpot is big enough to get the attention of the folks who don’t usually take part in the lotteries. There have been some huge Bonoloto winners in the past. The one ticket that got lucky on November 11, 1990 took home a huge jackpot of €7.2 million. Similarly, there was another winner in 2006 who took home €7 million by winning the Bonoloto jackpot. The third big Bonoloto jackpot winner was in 2005 who was able to hit it lucky with €6.5 million.

You can see that despite being its smaller size compared to the big lotteries, it can still turn people into millionaires after only a few rollovers. There have been some amazing stories in the history of Bonoloto, some winners who were unusual. One of the most memorable wins in the history of Bonoloto is the 94 employees who played together to increase their chances of winning. Their strategy worked as the beat the odds and won a huge Bonoloto jackpot of €3.2 million. Since there were so many people to split the jackpot among them, the amount that went to each winner was €34,000.

What Makes Bonoloto Unique

The first thing that makes this lottery unique is the number of times the draws take place in a week. Most other lotteries have their drawings either once or twice a week. You won’t find many lotteries that announce winners every single day of the week. Sunday is the only day when no drawing takes place. However, you can still purchase your Bonoloto tickets on Sunday and be a part of the Monday drawing. With so many draws in a week, you know there will be winners a lot more frequently than there are in any other lottery.

The quick drawings also ensure that the lottery does not get boring for the participants. If you have to wait for a week for just a rollover, you could lose your patience. Wouldn’t it be amazing if the rollovers could take place every single day? That’s exactly what happens when you play Bonoloto. The other unique aspects of the lottery include the reintegro. There are not many lotteries that try to give you back the money you have spent on the ticket. However, if you can match the randomly chosen reintegro number with the drawn number at the time of the draw, you can get the money of your ticket back.

Understanding the Bonoloto Odds

Understanding the odds can be a bit confusing for many players. Some players think of odds as something in their favor whereas others think it is a measure of their luck playing against them. You can look at odds in both ways, and that’s why they can be confusing. First, high odds mean that your chances of winning the jackpot are difficult. The higher the odds are the more difficult it will be for you to win probably because there are so many other players participating in the lottery and competing against you. However, the same high odds mean that the prize money will be huge. The more odds you see on the table, the more it means that your winning amount will be huge.

Now, you can look at odds from a different angle. Odds can also be seen as something in your favor. When the odds are low, it means that your chances of winning are relatively higher. In short, odds are more like your competitors. The fewer competitors there are, the higher your chances of winning will be. The downside of low odds is that your winnings are not that huge. You can compare the odds of Bonoloto with those of Powerball or MegaMillions to get an idea. The odds of winning the Bonoloto jackpot are 1 in 13,983,816. Now compare these odds with the odds of winning a Powerball jackpot i.e. 1 in 292,201,338.

You can see that a Powerball jackpot is easily in the nine figures because the odds are in nine figures too. Therefore, while your winnings might not be very huge with Bonoloto, it is definitely easier to win this jackpot than it is to win a Mega Millions, EuroMillions or Powerball jackpot. Now take a look at the odds of matching the reintegro. It is only 1 in 10. What do you win with these odds? You win the price of your ticket back. Bonoloto is quite famous for having some of the most inexpensive tickets when compared to other lotteries.

Playing Bonoloto Internationally

What you will love the most about Bonoloto si that you can take part in this lottery from anywhere in the world. Thanks to the Lottosend platform where you can safely and securely buy your lottery tickets and wait for the draws to take place every day right from the comfort of your home. It does not matter which part of the world you are in, it is now possible for you to play the lottery online as though you were in the country where the lottery is being held. You can also enjoy some extra perks for participating in Bonoloto through the Lottosend platform.

Some of the best bonuses that you get with Lottosend include the deposit bonuses and cashbacks. When you play internationally, there will always be a requirement that you play certain number of minimum lines. The tickets are quite affordable but purchasing extra lines and then taking part in multiple draws can make things quite inexpensive. That’s where the deposit bonuses and cashbacks come in. The deposit bonus comes into your account from Lottosend as soon as you make your first deposit in the account. Similarly, as soon as you purchase your first tickets, you get the money back into your account.

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Increasing Your Chances of Winning Bonoloto

Before you become a part of this lottery, you should know how you can increase your chances of winning. The first and the most tried out method is purchasing as many tickets as you can. The good thing is that the tickets for Bonoloto are quite cheap compared to the tickets of other lotteries. You should already be able to purchase a lot of them. However, with the additional discounts from Lottosend, you can purchase double the number of tickets. The other better way of increasing your chances of winning is by selecting the best numbers.

You have online websites that can help you with this. You can research the past results to know which numbers appear in the drawings most frequently. Perhaps, you would also want to take part in the drawings that take place on certain days. For example, if you look at the biggest wins in the history of Bonoloto, Wednesday appears over and over in the list. This means that big wins take place on Wednesdays a lot. Not to mention, you already have increased chances of winning when you participate in Bonoloto compared to your chances of winning MegaMillions or Powerball jackpots.

Final Thoughts

Believe it or not, positive attitude is something that goes a long way when you take part in lotteries. Read the news about winners in the past and you will find out how perseverance has worked for them. These huge winners in the past were confronted by their siblings, children, spouses, and even friends to stop buying tickets. They stuck with their routine and ended up becoming millionaires. Let the law of attraction work for you when you participate in Bonoloto. Think of the best and you might just get it. Also, make up your mind about the first things you will do if you do end up becoming the next millionaire.

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