Lotto 5 Aruba – A Comprehensive Lottery Game for Everyone


Lotto 5 Aruba

The Aruba Lottery may not be as publicized or widely discussed as some of the other lotteries in the world, but it is one that boasts a very interesting history as well as a variety of games. If you take a look at the details, you will realize that the lottery was established a long time back in 1982 when not many of the existing lottery platforms could be found. Since the years after its establishment, the Aruba Lottery has grown considerably and is currently offering a number of prominent games, which include Lotto 5, Lotto Di Dia, Mega Plus, Mini Mega, Big 4, Korsou, Zodiac and Catochi.

One of the most widely played games in the Aruba lottery is none other than Lotto 5. This is due to the fact that this games moves a bit away from the standard six number format of most lotteries. Instead, it follows a 5/35 format, which is more popular because the small numerical pool greatly boosts the odds of winning. The Lotto 5 Aruba is a straightforward game that doesn’t come with a lot of bells and whistles and is only one of the games that is part of the portfolio of E Loteria di Aruba.

The good odds of the game, its simple format and also the guaranteed minimum jackpot has gone a long way in boosting the popularity of Lotto 5 in the country. There are two drawings of the lottery every week, which means you have two opportunities of winning the jackpot. The draws on Wednesday and Saturday are televised and broadcasted live for everyone to see. Every time the jackpot reaches a massive figure due to multiple rollovers, the broadcast gets a very high viewership. Nonetheless, since it is a relatively unknown lottery, a lot of people often wonder if Lotto 5 is a scam.

The simple fact is that Lotto 5 Aruba is a part of a national portfolio of lottery games and every single one of them are operated and organized by an official entity. This official entity is recognized by the name of E Loteria di Aruba. When the organization was formed in 1982, it had only one major purpose; to gather funds for cultural, sports development as well as other charitable causes. From then on, the portfolio of games has widened considerably and apart from the games mentioned above, it also offers scratch card games for instant wins.

Hence, people can rest assured that Lotto 5 is a fully legitimate game and its fairness is guaranteed. When you are participating the Lotto 5 Aruba draw, players should remember to buy their tickets before 8:45 p.m. on the draw day. If they buy the tickets later than that, their entries will not be valid for the current draw and will be considered for the next one. If you are interested in playing the Lotto 5, you should know that as per the rules of the game, you have to choose a total of five numbers between the range of 1 and 35.

You can either choose your numbers manually or if you don’t feel like it, there is the option of simply getting a randomly-assigned ticket when you go to make a purchase. Not only does the game have good odds, the price of the ticket is also very low. You have to pay just four Aruban Florin for buying an entry in the Lotto 5, which is not even 1 USD. The draws are conducted on the respective days at 9 p.m. and as mentioned above, you can buy tickets up until 15 minutes to the draw.

Another appealing factor of Lotto 5 Aruba is that it gives you the option of playing the same numbers you have chosen in multiple draws. You can do this by opting for the Multi Draw option, which enables you to select the number of draws you wish to participate in. The good thing about using this option is that if you were to win a prize through the Multi Draw ticket option and you have not yet exhausted all your drawings, a continuation ticket is issued. In this way, you can enter into the remaining draws with the same numbers that you chose for the original ticket.

Players should remember that their lottery ticket is of the utmost importance when they participate in the Lotto 5. It is the official entry into the game and its accuracy should be ensured by the players. The Fundacion Lotto pa Deporte (FLPD) has instructed participants to keep their physical tickets secure and safe and ensure they are not damaged or defaced in any way because this makes claiming difficult. It is best to sign your ticket as well to prevent anyone from stealing your ticket and claiming it on your behalf.

If the winnings of a player are less than Aruban Florian 500, they can claim it from any FLPD agent, but if the sum is higher, they have to visit the head office. Players are provided with 90 days from the date of the draw to make their prize claims of Lotto 5. Moreover, players should know that FLPD has the authority of publishing your name, address and picture after the announcement of the results unless they decide otherwise. The official draw results should be checked by the players to see if they have won something in the Lotto 5.

If you miss the televised draws by Tele Aruba, there is no need to worry. You can also check the lottery results on the official website or you can find out through social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. Authorized FLPD retailers can also provide any necessary information. There is also another option that lottery players can explore and that is to wait until the next day and check the results when they are published in the newspaper. Bear in mind that you can only win the Lotto 5 jackpot if the numbers you chose to play match all the five numbers that were drawn in the official drawing.

There are other prize tiers also available in case where players only match three or four numbers instead of the full five. The progressive jackpot that can be won through the Lotto 5 draw is approximately 100,000 Aruban Florin. In case there is no winner in a particular drawing, the jackpot is rolled over to the next draw and increase in the process. There are four additional prize tiers that are available in the jackpot. The second prize will be given out to players who are able to match four numbers and also the Joker number.

The amount for the second prize is a percentage of the money that is generated through the sales of the tickets in the respective drawing. The prize amount is divided equally amongst all the individuals who manage to get the correct digits. The third prize is given out to players who are able to four of the main numbers, but not the Joker number. The fourth prize tier is reserved for people who are able to match three numbers and this will win them a prize of Aruban Florin 12 in the Lotto 5. The lowest prize tier is a free ticket for the Lotto 5 draw and this is definitely not a bad reward. One important thing that all participants should bear in mind is that there is a gaming tax that’s applicable on money won through the casinos and other gambling activities. This taxation regulation does not apply to lottery tickets and this is good news for everyone. However, the same might not be applicable for foreign lottery players because they may have to pay local taxes at home.

Previously, only the residents of the country were able to play the game as there was no online option available. But, nowadays there are lottery services out there who have agents in different areas including Aruba where anyone can play lotto online. These agents are willing to purchase the tickets on behalf of international players who don’t want to travel to the country to participate in a game. Hence, if you want to play Lotto 5, you can utilize one of these services. Look for a reliable service and they will be able to buy as many tickets as you want. They also provide assistance when claiming the prize to ensure that you don’t lose out on your winnings.

However, in order to win a prize in the Lotto 5, you have to choose the best possible numbers to play. How can that be done? There are several tricks that players can use in this regard:

  • Go the random way

If you do some research, you will discover that there are a ton of lottery winners out there who only won because they chose to play the random game. Every lottery draw, including Lotto 5, is conducted at random. There is no pattern or algorithm used for choosing the numbers of the draw and it is free from bias. Every number has an equal chance of being draw, but the randomness factor makes it more appealing for players to choose a random set of numbers to play.

  • Try a lottery software

Most people will recommend that you stay away from any lottery tools, software and programs. While they will be right in most of the cases as these are only scams and a way to make money out of people. However, there are some authentic software that do manage to be as accurate as possible. It will be up to you to do your research and figure out what lottery software can be your best asset in choosing a solid number combination for Lotto 5.

  • Look at the statistics

One of the best ways to select numbers that have a good chance of being drawn is by studying the past draw results of the Lotto 5. Yes, it is true that the draw is done randomly, but if you study the results, you will notice that some numbers simply tend to be chosen frequently. There are also those that are rarely chosen. These are often referred to as Hot and Cold numbers. Knowing what these numbers are can be immensely useful because it can aid in figuring out how to match the most numbers possible in a draw in order to win. Nonetheless, this doesn’t mean that you only play the Hot numbers; use some of the Cold ones too in order to balance things out.

  • Use your lucky numbers

This trick might be very common in lottery players. You will come across many players who use their birthdays, ages and lucky numbers when picking their lotto digits. In regular lottery games, this might not be smart because you limit your choice to a few number groups and ignore the rest. But, in the case of Lotto 5 Aruba, this just might work in your favor. How? Well, the pool of numbers available in Lotto 5 is a small one, which means that you will not stick to only one end of the pool. Thus, there is absolutely no harm in trying your own lucky numbers. Regardless, you should know that there is a chance others might have the same numbers and the prize may have to be shared, if you win.

You can use a combination of these tactics to participate in the Lotto 5 Aruba and maximize your chances of winning. Since the cost of tickets is very low, the game is a lucrative one as it offers very high returns in terms of prizes. It is a solid game that comes without any complicated rules to understand and the odds are also quite reasonable. Even if you are in a different country, you can still participate in this legitimate lottery game through lottery services. The jackpots can get really high through the rollovers, which adds a powerful incentive for all and there are two opportunities in a week for you to try your luck.

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