6 Ways to Manage Negative Online Reviews

6 Ways to Manage Negative Online Reviews

So, it finally happened.

A disappointed customer has left a negative online review on your service.

You’re already imagining the dozens of customers reading the review and turning to some other brand. Or maybe, you’re hoping that nothing will happen and it’ll eventually resolve itself (it won’t). Wondering what to do? Well, take a deep breath, sit back and smile!

In front of you is a tremendous opportunity to prove your brand’s worth. Think about this. Every customer wants to be heard and respected. Addressing your customer’s concerns directly, in public, shows that you’re confident in the quality of service you give. Don’t you want to establish yourself as a brand that cares about the customer, and not just their money?

Replying to online reviews is an art. Master this art to create rock-solid relationships with your buyers. The next time you come across a harsh review, keep the following tips in mind to turn an angry customer into a regular one!

1. Ditch the Defense

Most businessmen take negative reviews as a personal attack on their brand and their way of working. Don’t make the same mistake! The negative reviews you get might sometimes even be exaggerated/ inaccurate. Whatever be the case, don’t be defensive or try justifying the error, and never blame the customer (even when they’re wrong!).

Respond in a diplomatic and professional way, without bringing emotion in between. Apologize first, and if there is any misunderstanding, clear it up in a calm and direct way. Don’t beat around the bush and waste the customer’s time!

2. Pay Attention

Pay attention to both positive and negative reviews. For positive reviews, thank the customer (as you would to a face-to-face compliment). Never ignore any negative feedback, unless it’s spam. When replying, clearly mention the actions you’ll be taking to solve the problem. If possible, address and resolve their queries on the first day itself. If you think it’s a long-term issue, contact the customer privately and keep him updated.

There is nothing more attractive than prompt service.

3. Do Your Homework

If a certain review points toward a specific feature you provide or a technical issue, try and trace the customer’s purchase through your records. Are you able to confirm and double check what the customer claims? Try and get as much information about that particular order as possible and be ready to quote it if required.

As an added bonus, if you’re able to spot something around which a lot of complaints revolve, investigate! It’ll save you a lot of pain later on.

4. Choose Your Site

There are a lot of different websites online that host companies and take reviews. You can register on whichever site you want, allowing customers to review your brand. As far as possible, choose sites which post verified reviews and have a proper team curating the content. Moreover, stick to websites that curate reviews on your industry. Stay away from sites that ask for money to promote your brand!

5. Positive Reviews

An excellent way of dealing with negative reviews is to simply drown them in a sea of positive ones! Politely ask your customers to review your brand after every sale. Make it easy for satisfied customers to leave a review. If you are able to manage reviews and put up a good front to receive feedback, your brand will be popular in no time!

6. Conclude Convincingly

Dealing with customer issues fairly is crucial, especially when the customer involved has invested time and money into your brand. If there’s been a mistake from your side, make it up by offering a discount or a replacement. If you are not able to resolve their issues through post- sale support, follow up with a refund or meet them in person. Don’t disappoint someone even after having a dialogue with them, as it shows your post-sale services in poor light.


Dealing with negative reviews is a part of ‘growing up’ that every firm faces. There are always some aspects of your business that certain people won’t like. Remember, responding to them in the right way is what separates a competent brand from a mediocre one!

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