Top Tips to Prepare for a Hurricane

Top Tips to Prepare for a Hurricane

The longer days, warmer weather, backyard parties and family vacations that come along the summer season can be tough to beat. However, for those who live near the coast, summer means a lot more than barbecues and beaches because you also need to prepare for hurricane season. These storm formations travel very quickly, sustain spiraling winds between the range of 74 and 200 miles and span huge distances. Hurricane season can be nerve-wracking, can shatter lives and also cause a lot of damage to property. If you are prepared, it can help you, your family or your business in minimizing the storm’s impact.

The best way to get started with the preparations is before the threat becomes imminent. Instead of waiting for a hurricane watch to be issued, you need to be preemptive or else it may already be too late. How can you prepare for a hurricane? Some of these tips can be incredibly helpful in the long run:

Trim your trees before the storm

Before a hurricane hits, it is a good idea to trim the trees around your home and cut any weak or dead limb. Any limbs that are hanging over your home need to be removed because they can lead to substantial damage in the event of a fall. Similarly, take out the time needed to remove the trees that could possibly fall on your home and lead to a lot of property damage.

Seal doors and windows

Not only do broken windows become openings for debris and rain, but can also lead to an increase in the pressure under the roof. If you live near the coast, it is a good idea for you to invest some money in window shutters or board up the glass by using sturdy plywood. In addition, you need to install deadbolts on the locks as this can keep them from flying open due to the wind.

Test drains and clean gutters

Make sure you test the drains as well as sump pumps in the house to ensure they are working well because you don’t want them to clog up and prevent the drainage of water. An important step in hurricane preparedness is to clean rain gutters for making sure runoff has a place to go. Water that gathers and pools can inflict considerable damage, especially if there is an ongoing downpour.

Get rid of debris

If there are any lose objects outside your home, you need to get rid of them as much as possible or else they will become destructive projectiles when the winds blow strong. Bring tools, toys and even patio furniture inside and larger objects such as boats should be secured.

Secure your garage door

Roofs are not the most vulnerable aspect of your home; it’s the garage doors as they are not reinforced. When the wind gets into the garage, it can cause your home’s roof to fly off completely due to the push-and-pull combination it creates.

Follow these steps and you just might be ready to deal with a hurricane.

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