5 Benefits of a Virtual Phone Number for Small Businesses

5 Benefits of a Virtual Phone Number for Small Businesses

There is tough competition in the market and small businesses spend every hour of the day dedicated to their core operations. They have a ton of things on their plate because they have to keep up with other large business operations out there. In this situation, an inexpensive and professional way of managing communications for an expanding business can definitely be a lifesaver. Technology provides small businesses a solution in the form of virtual phone numbers. With these numbers, you can control your business’s ‘phone presence’ in a convenient and affordable way. Virtual numbers have become the top choice of small businesses these days because they allow a business to maintain a professional image and keep costs at a minimum.

Here are some of the major benefits of having a virtual business phone number:

Keep personal and business communications separate

Sometimes, you don’t want people to have your personal phone number. You don’t want to share your personal number with your business contacts. This is particularly true when you have to publish the phone number for your business online. With a virtual number, you can have a dedicated phone number for your business contacts, which is separate from the direct phone number used by friends and family-all from a single device. Furthermore, when you are placing a call from your virtual number, the person on the other end will see your business line number and not your actual cellphone number.

Greater features than your cellphone number

With a virtual number, you can enjoy a ton of additional numbers not available with your regular phone number. You can forward your calls, get email and SMS notifications, advanced conferencing capabilities and customized settings. There are some great business solutions out there that even allow you to have voicemail transcriptions, obtain simple extensions for employees and several other features that wouldn’t be available if you used your personal phone directly for fielding business calls.

Consistent business branding

A key element of business success is to maintain a consistent and professional image in all your communications. With virtual numbers, you can have a separate business line and can choose a custom message for greeting your clients and letting them know that they have reached your business. This provides you a professional edge over your competitors.

No need for dedicated hardware

The flexibility and cost-effectiveness of a virtual phone number also adds to its appeal. This phone number will work with your mobile phone as well as your employees’ phones so you don’t need to pay for an expensive business phone system for your premises and no extra phones are needed in order to stay connected.

Toll free virtual numbers

Toll free numbers are another perk that you can enjoy with virtual systems. You can make your business line a toll free number, which is an excellent way to expand your business and enter new markets.

Hence, if a business wants to promote a professional image, increase efficiency and make it easier for people to get in touch, virtual phone numbers are the way to go.


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