Essential Features to Look for in Dedicated Servers

Essential Features to Look for in Dedicated Servers

Have you decided to switch from shared hosting to a dedicated server? These are great for accommodating the needs of an expanding business, but you need to remember that not all dedicated servers are the same. Similarly, different sever provides offer different hosting solutions. The question is how can you choose one? The key to find the perfect dedicated hosting server and provider is to know what features are essential. Keep the following essential features in mind when you are looking for a dedicated server for your business:

Operating system choices

One of the factors in selecting a dedicated hosting solution is the freedom to choose your own operating system. The applications that you require for your business may need a particular type of operating system like one of the various Linux distributors or a Windows Server OS. Therefore, you need to ensure that the provider you are considering allows you to run the OS you require.

Hardware choices

Since dedicated servers are known to be expensive, you need to look for a hosting provider that offers you a ton of hardware options. In this way, you will be able to enjoy a hardware setup that boasts the performance capabilities and capacity you require without having to pay for something more powerful that you need. In most cases, a range of options will be available in terms of CPU, speed, number of cores, the type of RAM, the size of RAM, hard disk type, hard disk capacity etc. Look for one that offer the latest CPU and other hardware options.

Server configuration

It is not just the operating system that can make a difference. Another key requirement that you need to bear in mind is the control granted to you. The more control you have, the better you will be able to configure it for meeting your needs.

Control panel options

Managing your dedicated server and the applications that you want to run on it becomes easier with great control panels. Some companies may be happy with vanilla control panels, but many benefit from Plesk (available for both Linux and Windows servers) or cPanel & WHM. These are the industry leading control panels that are used by a large number of businesses all around the world because they are easy to navigate and are equipped with a huge variety of incredibly powerful and built-in tools for management.


In case a hack occurs in your server, your IT operations will shut down and your business can come to a standstill. If a data breach occurs, you will have to pay huge fines and there is also customer legal action and reputational damage to think of. With this in mind, security should be a priority when you choose a dedicated server. Consider everything from the physical security and location of the data center to the range of security features provided by your hosting provider as part of the package or as additional services such as next-generation firewalls, web app security, intrusion prevention, virus and malware prevention and DDoS protection.

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