Best Gaming Mini Fridge to Get

Best Gaming Mini Fridge to Get

One of the must-have things for every gamer is a gaming mini fridge. Why? This is mostly because every gamer knows the importance of time and yet they all have to eat. Sometimes, it is not just possible for you to be away from your keyboard, remote controller or whatever device you are using, even if it is to do something as important as eating. When you are playing in the middle of the night and you need a snack, it is really frustrating to have to go all the way out of your room and get something from the fridge. Every second can make a difference in a game due to which a gaming mini fridge is essential.

If you do a quick search, you will find a number of such fridges in the market that have been especially designed for those with a love for gaming. Before you buy gaming mini fridge, consider some of the best ones that are listed below:

Marvel Ironman 4L

This thermoelectric mini fridge is modeled after the helmet worn by Ironman and can handle your recharge mode. This four liter fridge offers you an excellent bargain as it is available for just $65. It weighs about seven pounds, which makes it light and easily portable. You can keep up to six cans in it and there is also a tray provided.

Star Wars Darth Vader

Shaped like a rounded box, this mini fridge features the visage of Darth Vader, the most renowned Sith in history. Similar to the Ironman, this design also offers a tray and can hold six cans. It is a tad pricier at $70, but it offers both heating and cooling functions for your convenience.

Doctor Who Tardis

Every gamer just loves the idea of time travel and this Doctor Who styled gaming mini fridge lets you indulge in that fantasy. It is the time traveling phone booth used to save history by our favorite hero and has the limit of six can. But, it is a different from the other two and is priced at $75. You can connect Tardis to a car or wall outlet and it can even make the Tardis sounds if you want.

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