Here’s a Guide to Choosing the Right Web Host

Here’s a Guide to Choosing the Right Web Host

Any business that wishes to have an online presence is aware of the importance of web hosting services. After all, these services essentially do the job of connecting your website to the internet and make it visible to your target audience. So, how do you choose the right web host for your business? In order to ensure that the web hosting company you decide on supports the needs of your business and doesn’t create any hurdles, you have to be aware of the different types of hosting available these days. When you start shopping for a web hosting service, you will encounter several web hosting plans, which are:

  • Individual plans: First and foremost, these are the best plans for new websites as they provide hosting support for one domain and offer limited storage, bandwidth and data features suitable for it. They are also priced cheaply, which makes them the best choice for newbies who are not expecting a lot of traffic and don’t have any special needs as yet.
  • Dedicated servers: When the individual plans no longer meet your needs, you may need to opt for dedicated servers. As the name indicates, you will have a whole server dedicated to your website, which costs more, but is feasible for a growing and expanding website. Inmotion is a good hosting company if you are after dedicated servers, or even after the shared hosting. Read more about it here HowToStartABlog101 (Inmotion Review).
  • Reseller accounts: If you are looking for a web hosting package between individual and shared plans, you will find reseller accounts incredibly useful. Basically, you have a single account that can be used for setting up multiple individuals. These are great for businesses that have various small websites.

After you have learnt about the different plans offered and shortlisted web hosting providers, it is time to look for some other specific features:

  • Cost: Sure, it is important to choose a web host that offers reasonable rates, businesses should avoid settling for free services because they are not just unreliable, but also the low costs are subsidized through mandatory on-site advertisements.
  • Customer Reviews: An excellent source for evaluating the performance and services of a web host is by going through the reviews and testimonials provided by customers. Anyone can make bold promises and big claims, but only a few can live up to them. Look for multiple reviews from past and current customers as a single review could have been posted by the service’s own marketing department.
  • Storage and Bandwidth Allowances: You need to ensure that the web host offers you the storage and bandwidth allowance your website needs because limitations can cause major problems and affect the performance of the website. This could lead to loss of customers, which is something you wish to avoid. Therefore, check to ensure you have understood what will be offered in terms of storage and bandwidth.
  • Customer Support: A dependable customer team is an essential feature of the right web host because you never know when a problem may surface. If you have support available in your time of need, you can minimize potential damages for your website and business by a huge extent. You should look for web hosting services that offer email access, phone support and online chat 24/7.
  • Script Support: The built-in support provided by the service for the popular web scripts is also a consideration. You want to be able to run programs and applications as per your preference such as WordPress. If script support is not provided, installing a program can create a huge problem for your website and this may not be something you want.

Considering these factors before making a decision in terms of web hosting will assist you in making the right choice.

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