What To Look For When Choosing The Right CDN Provider

What To Look For When Choosing The Right CDN Provider

CDN technology helps you in online operations in a variety of ways. However, picking the right CDN is something that makes the difference and helps you get peace of mind. Generally, deploy in-house Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) take up plenty of time, resources, efforts, and also involves various risks. Most companies hire specialized CDN providers to deal with online operations. Though, using services of a CDN provider can be great to your website functionality, it’s quite difficult to opt for the right one when you discover lots of necessary features during CDN providers comparison.

They offer various services, tools and products to improve the performance and presentation of your web content. Ranging from streaming media to speedy downloads and dynamic content speeding up, CDN providers have the answer to address everything that’s related to your website functionality. Deciding on a right service provider depends on a number of factors such as website’s size, content types, growth rate and so forth.

When doing CDN providers comparison, you will find almost every provider that offers best CDN capabilities has impressively sprung up advertizing their services. However, you must look for the verified feedback and reviews of their old and existing clients to confirm the reality lying between their words and actions. It’s natural to get attracted by different advertisements when you are out to choose CDN provider in the market, you must pay attention what are your requirements and important factors.

Here are some other factors to keep in mind when choosing a right CDN company for your website’s overall functionality.

  1. Technology:

Sometimes, certain web contents need specific technology such as pseudo-flash streaming or Real Media streaming that can help them be compatible with the website. Since, different CDNs offer different set of services, tools and products, make sure your CDN provider has the technology needed by your web content. Furthermore, they should also offer support to the content needing special requirements. As a content owner, you should have basic know-how of code changes, real-time supporting or hardware implementation etc because all these factors have a huge contribution in making the CDN services perfect and worthwhile for you.

  1. Bandwidth concerns:

Most CDN providers charge you by what GB consumption you require every month. Therefore, it is important to know your requirements and obtain the best package for your online operations.

  1. Customer support:

The CDN service provider must offer a 24/7 customer support in order to ensure their availability in the times of technical needs. Furthermore, it is ideal to choose the provider who can provide well-trained and efficient technical personnel to help you through the start up phase.

  1. Competitive Price:

Prices can be a vital aspect to consider in the difficult process of CDN providers comparison. Several companies have similar tools, services, and products to offer. However, every provider charges differently. Many CDN providers work as Pay-As-You-Go while some provide start-up packages as high as $700. In certain situations, it usually comes to choose what services are affordable for you.


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