6 Reasons to Install a Home Security System

6 Reasons to Install a Home Security System

Do you leave all your daily chores and keep an eye on your maid from the time she enters until she leaves the house? Do you have old parents in your home who often need help? Well, there is a one-stop panacea to cease all your worries – a home security system.

Modern home security systems are an amalgam of an intrusion alarm, smoke alarm, video door phones, CCTV surveillance, panic buttons and above all a Central Monitoring System. Here are 6 reasons to install a security system in your home.

1. Protect Your Homes from Burglary

Do you know over 30% of all robberies are through an open window or unlocked door? According to a study published by the University of North Carolina, 60% of the robbers in the US avoided looting houses with security systems. CCTV surveillance can capture the movements of intruders and if you have a Central Monitoring System, your nearest police station can be informed about the burglary.

Further, another study reveals that homes without security systems are about 2.7 times more prone to thefts. Often burglars may attack family members during break-ins. However, your security system can warn you beforehand and thus, your family can shift to a safe location.

2. Communicate Medical Emergencies

A panic button is meant for emergencies, be it a sudden cardiac arrest or a fire accident or an accident in the garden. If you have old parents, there is a danger of them falling from stairs or receiving strokes. In such cases, it is easier for them to press a button and call for help. They can also use the panic button when they need something immediately. These are also useful if you have children with special needs. You can also configure the home security system to send notifications to hospitals and to your smartphone in case of medical emergencies.

3. Damage Control in Case of Fire Accidents

If you are good with number crunching, some statistics can help you grasp the gravity of the primacy of home security systems. So, do you know that a home fire is reported every 20 seconds and fires are the leading cause of deaths in the US when it comes to deaths due to natural disaster? 352,000 cases of fire were registered in 2016.

On digging deeper into the fire disasters, it was found that 52% of the residential fatalities occur in homes which don’t have smoke alarms installed. Some alarms are often good ways to identify the source of heat. It is interesting to note that the fire due to different sources or point of contact has different extinguishing methods.

4. Protect Your Family from Colorless Poisonous Gases

Almost half of the population across the globe use natural gas for cooking. Just imagine the havoc that may otherwise occur due to leakage of gas. Further, Carbon Monoxide is a deadly gas that can cause nausea, headache, irritation and in some cases unconsciousness. The sneaky colorless and odorless gas is difficult to detect without a proper detector. You don’t have to worry about the side effects of Carbon Monoxide as long as you have an efficient home security system.

5. Save On Energy Bills

Your home security system can help you save on energy bills and also the environment. Smart security systems are often equipped with smart thermostats that can regulate your air conditioner temperature. The lights are calibrated with motion sensors so that they get turned off automatically when you move away from the proximity of the sensors. You can also customize your system to control the supply of water for your yard. You can also control the appliances remotely and turn them on when needed. Efficient energy management can reduce the pressure on the environment.

6. Save On Insurance Premiums

Insurance companies pay you in case of property damages or losses. However, to back your claims, you need to show to the court conclusive evidence. Further, most insurance companies offer you a waiver in your insurance premium if you have home security already installed.

Prevention is better than cure.” goes the age-old saying. Getting an alert prior to an accident can save you from unforeseen disasters. So, if you don’t have a home security system, it’s now the time to install one.

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