Has Smardis Really Taken Call Center and Technical Support Services to a New Level?



Whether you are a small business or a large business, whether you sell services or products, you need to have a customer and technical support department. However, managing these two departments is not so easy. The overhead costs of managing them can be extremely high. Not to mention, there is no need to bear the burden of customer and technical support when you have unbelievably affordable and reliable call center solutions available. And when it comes to call center and technical support services, the first name that comes to mind is Smardis.

An Introduction to Smardis

Smardis LTD is an emerging name in the business processing outsourcing industry. One has to keep in mind that tough competition companies have to face in this industry. First, this market is saturated and second, there is not much you can do to be different from the rest. The best you can do is to be consistent with your quality and up-to-date with the technology that facilitates outsourcing of customer and technical support. If you compare Smardis SR with other similar competitors, you will find out that there are many other old, tried, and tested names in the industry.

This company must have done something right to make itself famous in such a short span of time. In this little time, the company has already won contracts from some of the biggest companies of the world. Its services are not limited to a particular region or area. If you have a small, medium or large sized business, you can get some robust call center and technical support services from Smardis LTD. Let’s take a closer look at the features that have made this company one of the best out there in such short time.

Features That Have Made Smardis SR One of the Best

Servicing Call Center and Technical Support

The company is servicing two different departments for businesses i.e. technical support and call center. A call center can provide a host of services including but not limited to taking orders from the customers, getting feedbacks on events, making outbound calls to make sales, receiving calls from existing customers to up-sell and cross-sell, etc. On the other hand, technical support is focused on the technical side of call center services. It is still customer support in its strictest sense but the people taking calls are equipped with technical knowledge to troubleshoot problems for the customers.

The type of services you need depends on what industry you serve. If you make a particular machine, you might need technical support staff to provide troubleshooting services to the customers over the phone. If you sell products, you might require the agents to place orders, make outbound calls to capture sales or conduct cold calling to gather potential leads. The best thing is that Smardis can provide you with all the services stated and some more. With this one-stop call center and technical support solution, you can expect consistency of services and ease of management when it comes to payments.

Smardis LTD

Having a High-tech VoIP Setup

There is no way for you to expect good call center services from a company if it does not have the best VoIP setup. You can’t rely on the old PSTN telephonic technology anymore. That service is unreliable and quite outdated for a call center that exists in the 21st century. The type of setup you use for your call center services is a clear reflective of your brand. Smardis LTD has the latest VoIP setup that allows it to deliver reliable call center services with high quality calling over the phone. In addition to that, Smardis SR can take advantage of the many features of VoIP technology to align with your branding needs.

If your customers require special services over the phone such as video conferencing, audio conferencing, etc. Smardis can help you with that as well. You just have to mention your requirements before signing up with the services and Smardis SR will probably design a package that suits your needs.

Serving Multiple Industries

This strength of the company comes from its hiring practices. There is no doubt that Smardis is investing time, efforts, and money into the best HR practices. It has some of the most talented and skilled individuals on its team of customer and technical support teams. You can tell that by looking at the number of industries this company can serve. Whether you are looking for call center services for your retail, healthcare, financial, hospitality, energy, education or real estate services, the company has the talent pool that can serve any of these industries.

You have to agree that this particular aspect sets Smardis LTD apart from most of its competitors. In most cases, you have a cell center service provider serving a particular industry. However, these call center service providers make you break the bank to pay for their services. Since they like to call themselves the “specialists” of the industry, they charge you as much as they desire for their services. You have to ask yourself at this point, “Do you really want specialists on the phone?” Yes, specialists can explain your product well to customers, but they will have a hard time selling it because they are not sellers.

Not to mention, why would an industry specialist be interested in taking calls from customers? In short, it makes sense to treat call center and technical support services as is. Let the specialists of your industry work on other important things.

Providing a Variety of Services

The purpose of outsourcing is to take the unnecessary burden off your shoulders so you can focus on the most important processes of your business. It is not to say that customer support and call center services are not important for a business. However, outsourcing them has proven to be a great solution for most businesses in the recent past. It is counterintuitive to invest money in a department that would cost you more than the return it will generate. When you look at the services that Smardis LTD provides, you will find a complete solution to all communications between you and your customers.

Smardis SR is not limited to taking calls and providing answers to customers for their general queries. It can service you with many other call center services. For example, the professional agents hired by Smardis can help place and process the orders for your company. They can provide troubleshooting services. If you often set up webinars for marketing purposes, they can arrange for attendees by calling them and retarget your attendees by getting in touch with them post-event. You can keep them specifically for cross-selling and up-selling. Or you can hire their services to generate leads by collecting the phone numbers and other contacts details of the customers.

Making Outsourcing Affordable

If you look at the pricing model and payment plans from Smardis SR, you will admit that it is not the cheapest service out there. The company does not intend to be the cheapest call center services provider either. The word that best describes the cost of services provided by Smardis is competitive. Yes, the prices for its services are quite competitive when you compare its services to what the best call center service providers are charging their customers. When you start comparing the value delivered, you will surely agree that Smardis LTD takes the win here. From high-end VoIP and call center equipment to complete set of customer support and technical support services, Smardis has you covered entirely.

One must not forget here that the success of outsourcing services hinges around their prices. There is no reason to outsource your customer and technical support if you can’t save a penny from this move. If you are not saving any money, why not just hire the people yourself. You can get them to work exactly according to your needs when they are working under your supervision. However, there is no way for a company to even match the prices of outsourced call center services with in-house call center department. The difference is of day and night here. Smardis SR keeps the purpose of business processes outsourcing alive with its competitive prices.

The best thing about Smardis pricing is that you don’t have to pay for the setup or management. You just have to pay an hourly rate for the services and everything is included within that. Not only is it affordable for small and medium sized businesses but also extremely convenient to manage.

Smardis SR

Supporting Multiple Channels

If you are a business owner or a business operations manager, you must understand the complexities that abound today’s customer support services. From using the right type of technology to ensuring ubiquitous presence for all customer types, your customer support department has to do much more than it had to just a few years ago. Smardis has to be admired for offering a host of call center services through all the possible channels. While conversations over the phone remain the primary preference of customers to talk to businesses, the importance of other channels cannot be ignored either.

One of the popular ways for companies to provide customer support is through chat. This chat service is available on the company’s official website. While agents can provide answers to technical and general questions through chat, it has proven to be the best method for generating leads. Greet the customers, listen to their queries, and obtain their contact details while providing them the needed help. Perhaps, you are thinking about helping your customers on various instant messaging applications as well? Last but not least, car dealerships and other similar businesses usually like to talk to their customers through emails. It is an achievement for Smardis SR that it provides customer and technical support services through all these communication channels.

Scaling as per Needs

This is possibly the best aspect of any call center service out there. When you look at business solutions, you have to think long-term. You can’t rely on short-term solutions to stand out from the rest of your competitors. So, when you pick a company to provide you technical and customer support services, you have to keep scalability in mind. Your business will grow with time and that’s when you will need more agents to support your customer support. Not just that, you need scalability on instant basis as well. For example, you will see a hike in the number of inbound calls when you run a marketing campaign.

If you have an infomercial running on TV, you can expect a deluge of calls from your customers. Head count of customer support agents available on the phone matters critically in such situations. If your call center company cannot scale to your needs on instant basis, you might as well look for a different solution.

Supporting Multiple Languages

There was a time when calling on foreign numbers was extremely expensive. You could not have thought of calling a company located in a different country because of the calling rates. VoIP solved that problem once and for all. Today, your customers can call you from any country of the world. If your business has presence in multiple countries, you need to invest money and time in personalizing your customer services. This is how you can meet the rising standards of customer experience – a term that has taken over customer support in the recent years.

With Smardis LTD, you can touch new levels of customer experience by providing customer support in the language that your customers understand. Personalizing customer support based on language can prove to be a solid strategy for increasing customer retention and turning existing customers into loyal customers.


If you think call center and technical support services are enough for your business, you might want to rethink. What you really need is robust call center and technical services that are reliable, dependable, and scalable according to your needs. Compromising on anything less than what’s best will take a hit, not only on your customer retention but the overall brand image too. If you are looking for all of those things in one place without hurting your business’s cash flow, you are highly recommended to consider Smardis as an option.

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