Best Features of Parental Control Apps

Best Features of Parental Control Apps

We live in a digital world. The internet is an amazing thing that has changed our lives drastically. Moreover, technological advances such as the introduction of gadgets like smartphones and tablets have also opened a whole new world. However, none of them are without risks and dangers.

When you decide to let your children have access to all these developments, you should ensure you understand the risks inherent and how they can be minimized. Dangers such as identity theft and cyber bullying are very real. Furthermore, children can also be exposed to adult content that can have an impact on their nature and personality.

So, how can you deal with them? This is why parental control apps have become a necessity nowadays. The most popular apps and platforms such as Family Orbit offer you tools and features that can be immensely useful in keeping your children safe from online and offline threats that can find a way to their smartphones. There are some basic features of parental control apps that can aid parents in their quest to protect their children. Some of the best ones are mentioned here:

Content Filters

First and foremost, a good parental control app makes use of content filters, which means they are able to filter any inappropriate content for your children. It is up to the parents to decide what content or websites they don’t want their child to access on their smartphone. You can completely block websites that display inappropriate stuff such as porn and only allow your kids to view websites that are appropriate for their age.

Usage Control

Another great feature of these parental control apps is that they allow parents to implement usage control. This means that parents are free to impose time limits when it comes to web browsing and surfing. It is a way to ensure your children are not using their smartphones when they should be sleeping or studying.

Location Tracking

A very common worry for parents is where there kids go when they are out. Working parents, especially are left wondering what their child is up to in their absence. Obviously, you cannot follow your child around, but you can check their location through parental control apps. They come with GPS tracking features that can be used by parents to know where their kids are at any time. You can also check the places they have visited during the day to ensure they are not going anywhere you don’t want them to.


Last, but not the least, parental control apps can go a long way in helping parents monitor their kids’ activities. You will be able to see their emails, know who your child is communicating with over social media, text messages and also instant messaging applications. This is a great way of ensuring they don’t become victims of identity theft and are not being bullied by anyone.

These are some great features you can find in parental control apps and can be very useful in helping you keep your children safe.

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