Business Mobile Apps to Increase Sales and Money

Business Mobile Apps to Increase Sales and Money

Business mobile apps are very important to increase the sales and profit since ever the smartphone era has raised. Business mobile apps are being developed at a full stretch for different areas of businesses. The business apps are available both for the Android and IOS. Though there are a lot of mobile apps available on the internet, it’s only few that really proves its worthiness out of hundreds of business mobile apps. Here is the list of top mobile apps that are must to achieve a better business rating.

1.Google Analytics:

The Google Analytics mobile app is one of the most used mobile apps for tracking the traffic, sales, and other performances of a website. The Google Analytics app is totally available for free of cost on the Google Play store and Apple’s app store. This is compatible with all the portable devices including the iPhone, iPad, Android smartphones, and tablets.

What I found in Google Analytics mobile app is that it’s really as good as the web version available for free. The main process of Google Analytics is to track the traffic of the websites and online businesses. If the webmaster has already set up the JavaScript code live on their website(s), it will start analysing the traffic and other data of the website based on the settings.

While Google Analytics is just a traffic analysis app for regular blogs and websites. It acts more than a traffic tracking program for the online businesses such as the e-commerce sites. Google Analytics help the e-commerce sites to track the sales and other money based operations. Whenever there is a sale or conversion takes place, Google Analytics will automatically track the full set of information about each conversion. 

This mobile app works great to create the custom reporting based on the user requirements. Based on the settings, it sends the notification whenever a dramatic change happens in the traffic or conversion of the site. Plus, the comparison report for the weekly and monthly analysis is going to help to deduct the positive and negative impact over the web property. Google analytics mobile app is compact, user-friendly and is a must for all the online businesses.

2. Sales force mobile app:

Sales force is the innovative company behind the world’s number one CRM platform that employees can access entirely over the Internet around the world. There’s no infrastructure to buy, set up, or manage this great tool. All you got to do is just log in and get in to work. And now Sales force’s new lightning Platform gives its users the fastest, most complete way to put the customers at the centre of everything.  

Sales force’s all in one CRM platform helps the users to start, manage and process all the business activities connecting the business with the customers using simplified solutions without any hardness. The mobile app of sales force take this service to the next level by making all the processes done using the mobile phone devices.

They have partnered with over 4000 third party business companies to bring in almost all the business services in to one place. The mobile app of the Sales force helps to improve the businesses up to 45% faster response rate. Apart from this, you can develop the customized app in the case if some of the services are missing based on the custom business requirements.

The Sales force money app is available for both the Android and iPhone devices. Get the app today to improve your online and local business up to 50% by automating the process reducing the work force of human intelligence.

3. Evernote:

The Evernote is one of the best business mobile apps for the developers and organizers used by over 225 million users around the world. They help the people to focus on what matters most. That’s where ideas become answers, where individuals can organize their daily lives, and where teams come to create and share work together using this single tool. The Evernote mobile app is available for the three most used mobile platforms the Android, IOS and Microsoft Windows.

Evernote is more than note taking platform, where you can store everything from personal plans to business projects, and know they are always safe, secure, and ready whenever you need them. Evernote auto syncs across all the devices, including desktop, smartphone, and tablet. Just put ideas, photos, and clipped pages on Evernote, no matter where you are.

Evernote is available for free of cost. But their premium tool is somewhat special and highly recommended for the large businesses. Evernote premium helps to make use of their services across all the devices at the same time even when you’re offline. Plus, it helps to process all the data fast and secure which helps you to be in fingertips. Get unlimited space, get access to premium templates & rich formatting tools and make use of the customized organizing factors.

4 Google drive:

The Google drive is one of the best and freemium B2B tool available on the internet to provide the fastest data saving, accessing and transferring services. The first 15 GB is free to use on Google drive.

Google My drive is the service helps to collaboration easier, faster and simpler. Share the files, photos, charts, PowerPoints, videos and more to help others to view, access, download the files with ease anywhere from the world. With the free mobile app, it is made easy to do everything just by using the smartphone.

When Google drive is used with other business solutions included in the Google suite, everything can be done in fingertips. Emails, business hangouts, hosting, and other business solutions can be managed from one place. Since this app is a product of Google, the customers can be confident about the security and access the file anytime without any problem.

These are the best must have mobile apps for business to increase sales, conversion and to make more money.  


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