Movavi Screen Recorder Review: A Simple and Lightweight Screen Recorder

Movavi Screen Recorder Review: A Simple and Lightweight Screen Recorder

People often don’t realize just how useful it can be to be able to record video footage directly from their screen. Although its most visible use is to record video footage of software to create how-to guides or tutorials, the fact that you can record and save any content at all from your screen has a lot of other potential and you can use it to save Skype calls, online streaming videos, live streams, and much more.

In order to do any of that however you’ll need a screen recorder, and Movavi Screen Recorder is an excellent option to consider on that front. It is a simple and lightweight screen recorder that specializes in allowing you to record exactly the footage that is required from your screen.

“What Makes Movavi Screen Recorder So Good?”

One of the main factors that sets Movavi Screen Recorder apart is how intuitive and user-friendly it is. Its clean and simple user interface makes it easy to use, and its features lean heavily on basic and familiar actions. For example to define the capture area you don’t need to fiddle with technical settings for the resolution and can just click and drag your mouse cursor to draw a frame yourself.

Movavi Screen Recorder Review: A Simple and Lightweight Screen Recorder

Aside from defining the capture area, Movavi Screen Recorder will also let you select the audio source, adjust the sound levels, determine the frame rate, and set up the keyboard and mouse actions. It is possible to also automate the recording by using a timer that will stop it recording after a fixed duration, or scheduling both the start time and stop time. After the recording is complete you will be able to trim out any footage you don’t want as well, which should come in handy to remove any footage that was accidentally recorded.

Although Movavi Screen Recorder automatically saves the videos that it records in MKV format, it also supports most other popular formats as well. In fact if you want you could select presets for specific devices or platforms to automatically optimize your video format and settings accordingly.


All in all if you want a screen recorder for Windows 7 that will live up to your expectations and make recording videos as easy and straightforward as possible, Movavi Screen Recorder is definitely a good fit. All that you need to do is take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with the software and its features, and you will be able to record any video footage that you want from your screen – regardless of whether it is to create your own how-to guides or save online streaming videos, video calls, and other content.

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