Use your Private Cloud to Download Torrents

Use your Private Cloud to Download Torrents

Having your very own cloud space to download torrents for viewing movies and other files alleviates the concerns of viral attacks, piracy issues and other identity woes.

There is a lot of buzz about torrent service providing companies being on the close watch of copyright police; with some being chased by the law and others being shut down suddenly. However, this news should not take away your pleasure of streaming movies during leisure hours. Fortunately, it is possible to have a protected solution to torrenting by subscribing your space on a private cloud. Take a look.

Torrenting – the right way to download files and movies

Torrenting is just a simple, straightforward and productive way for users to procure files. That’s the reason why Linux distro, based on the Linux kernel, was inherently downloaded with the help of torrents owing to their large file sizes. Occasionally, the film industry and music developers also shared their large files through torrents. It is common for gaming companies to deliver large updates through peer to peer sharing to their subscribers. All this sharing has brought forth laws on copyrights and piracy; especially because the peer to peer nature of sharing files does not involve the step of downloading and uploading from the source. In most cases, users who download torrents do not know what they are sharing; also, whether they are streaming private and protected data or not. While software companies have been downloading torrents as a technology for productivity gain, the gaming and film industry often end up hurting their profitability in a big way. This is because unregulated torrenting attracts vigilant copyright laws and heavy losses inflicted due to piracy.

Private cloud to stream torrents

In this scenario, safe torrenting sites Cloudload, provide neat solutions wherein users get their private space on the cloud that can be used for streaming torrents and storing files. These sites allow for safe and anonymous ways of streaming music, audio, games and video files. Through such streaming activity, members are completely safe and anonymous and may enjoy speeds up to 10Gbps! Being based on the cloud, the inbuilt virus scanner and repository protect the users’ workstation storage space from any undesirable viral attacks that accompany downloads. To download torrents, users are allowed to stream across various devices interchangeably, be it phones, or TV or workstations, all with the support of 24 different file types.

In addition, it is also possible for users to use their subscribed space on torrent cloud sites, Cloudload to safeguard and store personal files, or share video and photos with friends and family. The charges of such services differ on the basis of the size of the space allocated for users on the cloud and the number of concurrent transfers. In most cases, these cloud spaces have a seven day free trial period for users to evaluate their best bet.

So, download torrents without any anxiety of being chased by your ISP. Also, save upon the costs of buying VPN to conceal your identity. Visit Cloudload today and start anew with safe torrenting. You will love all that comes your way in your personal space – that too on the cloud!

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