Why New Businesses Are So Interested in Managed VPS Hosting

Why New Businesses Are So Interested in Managed VPS Hosting



Just a few years back, experts recommended you shared hosting for your small business. Shared hosting was the perfect solution at that time because of the resources that you were given access to and the affordability factor. However, when you grow as a business, it does not mean you instantly fit to go for a managed or dedicated server hosting plan. These are expensive forms of hosting and suit enterprises the most. That’s where managed VPS hosting solves the big problem. It is a route between shared and dedicated hosting. It is perfect for small, midsized, and even some large businesses.

Let’s take a look at the main reasons why so many new businesses want to go with managed VPS hosting.

Reasons Businesses Pick Managed VPS Hosting

You Get Ample Resources

With shared hosting, you don’t have access to ample resources. You are sharing the server resources with many other websites and so you can’t place your separate demands. On the other hand, when you go for VPS hosting, you have a virtual machine dedicated to your website. You can decide how much RAM, storage, and other resources you want for your website. Once you have placed your requirement, you get access to the exact server. There is no other website on the server that can share your resources with you. It is like your own dedicated server. The only thing is that it is a virtual one.

You Have Control

You have a lot of control on your virtual private server. When it comes to managed VPS, you are giving the maintenance, upgradation, etc. tasks to the VPS service provider. However, you still have root access to your server. You can control just about anything on your server. You can decide which operating system you want on your server or what applications you want to run. You can in fact turn off and turn on your virtual server at any time you want. It will not affect the performance of other virtual machines on the main server. You could not have done that with conventional shared hosting plans.

You Can Afford It Easily

In the past, the next step to shared hosting was usually dedicated server hosting. In this type of hosting, you had to choose a server and its specifications, and then have it rest on the shelves of the dedicated server provider. It was more like renting space in someone’s datacenter. However, this type of hosting was considered the most expensive type of web hosting. On the other hand, virtual private servers are considered one of the most affordable options, especially when you look at the value they offer you and your business.


Now that you know the reasons why so many businesses are choosing VPS hosting over other forms of hosting, you can consider it as an option for your website as well. Look for the only the best North American managed VPS hosting providers if you want top notch hosting services as well as reliable customer support.

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