Will E-Sports Succeed To Get Recognition Among General Public?

Will E-Sports Succeed To Get Recognition Among General Public?

The concept of e-sports is all about the competitions where players battle it out to the league while playing games online. These organized competitions are getting huge reputation among the young players around the world. There are many e-sports games that are full of thrill and enjoyment but there are only some that have been particularly famous among esport players in last couple of years.  These games are perfect blend of user experience, fantastic gaming platform, and high-quality graphics. Following are some names of popular e-sports games.

  • Starcraft II: Heart of the Swarm
  • Super Smash Bros Melee
  • Injustice: Gods Among Us Killer Instinct
  • Call of Duty: Ghosts

Generally, e-sports games aim at defeating other players and need players to have utmost focus on the rules and regulations in order to succeed. Moreover, these games are very fast that it can make it quite difficult for players to sustain. However, most of these games are difficult to describe in words and can be best understood when you see them in action. There are websites such as https://ico.gilgam.es where players can play Dota 2 and CSGO tournaments and not only have fun but can make money too.

With e-sports, you can avail a unique opportunity to reveal the power of blockchain and delegation. This is because the relevant industry has many individual who are not only tech savvy but also possess the ability to appreciate, understand and make most of the modern technology. Moreover, many individuals who serve as centralized middle men are controlling the e-sports industry which is somehow causing it ripping for disruption. Though the industry of e-sports is on its way to success, it still has lots of controversies. No one knows how long it is going to take for being widely recognized among the general public and will gain is similar treatments as traditional sports.

At present, the industry of e-sports has a fractured infrastructure which is the big hindrance in creating gaming associations like the NFL who has fair standards in order to benefit both the players as well as the association in an overall way. The situation has rendered private organizations to take over and organize their own esport tournaments and leagues. Such organizations act according to their own rules and regulations for all games being conducted under their supervision. Unfortunately, such rules are not necessarily benefiting players or teams who have huge contributions to the major growth of e-sports industry.  According to Marc Merrill, the co-founder of Riot, the organization is not responsible got determining the market price for esport players. Also, their players are not allowed to bring their own sponsors equipment or show their logos in front of viewers.

Furthermore, e-sports can also be used as an effective method to promote different game publishers’ brands like Activision Blizzard did in 2016 and made huge money. With such a great platform, these publishers do not need to look for capitalists to get their events sponsored. However, it also makes it quite difficult for them to formulate fair prize money for tournaments and leagues. On the other hand, there are some large organizations that function independently and rely upon on sponsors. Game publishers can offer their prize pools to such operators and utilize little transparency with teams regarding profit or income sharing.

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